Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What In The Blue Hell Is Wrong With Pennsylvania?

I mean...COME ON! Where you at, Phillie? You gotta represent. Steeltown, don't tell me you're buying Hillary's shit. Southcentral, you guys awake? Intercourse, are you intercoursing with me? I'm not even going to make some smartass remark about Hillary's message resonating in Santorum Country ( I just did)...but the prospect of Obama sustaining a double digit stomp-job deep in the very cradle of the republic does not exactly fill my heart with optimism. I can only assume (read...hope) this thing is going to tighten up naturally as we get closer to the primary. You want to be 12-15 points up on the Sunday before the primary, not over a month out. That's a long-ass time to sit on a lead.


Herb Urban said...

Intercourse, PA is no Middlesex, NJ. Obama will do well in Philly. Unfortunately, as James Carville aptly said, in between Philly and Pittsburgh is white Alabama. The manufactured outrage over Rev. Wright is hurting him there. Latent racism is alive and well in PA.

You are right, a month is a political eternity. I suspect Obama will be able to trim her lead down to 8-10 points by April 22nd. She'll win PA, but her delegate haul will not be enough to make a dent in his lead.

Steve said...

Isn't Lancaster where Bush said "God speaks through me" in 2004?