Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MLB Trade Deadline Follow-Up

Well, the Braves missed out on picking up Bronson Arroyo. He would've been a nice, innings-eating fourth starter who also happens to be signed (semi-affordably) for the next few years. The Reds were nuts...NUTS...to not jump on that offer of Escobar and Reyes. Royce Ring is a nasty, situational left-hander who'll come in handy...even though I was looking forward to seeing ex-Georgia Bulldog Will Startup in a Braves uniform at some point. But I really love the Octavio Dotel deal. If we're going to try and close this season out with a patchwork starting rotation, we need all the live arms in the bullpen we can get.

Keeping It Kinda Short This Morning...

...because I gotta bathe the kids sometime, you know?

So...Mitt Romney wants to punk out of the Republican CNN/YouTube debate because he thinks it might be demeaning? That's good to know. I mean, it's really good to know that Mittens would never consider doing anything that might be considered demeaning to the process of choosing a President.

He had a dream...he had an awesome dream. Mmmm, states rights. Is there any potentially unpopular-with-your-base stance they can't gloss over?

Dude. Chill. Pedro's on the way back, you know.

What a night to be a disgruntled (about these two issues, anyway) Braves fan: Tom Glavine goes for his 300th win in a freaking Mets uniform and Barry Bonds resumes hacking away at Hank Aaron's record. Here's hoping Big Tex leads us to a win earlier in the evening so I won't be in an even worse mood.

More later. Maybe there'll be something big to talk about at the MLB trade deadline this afternoon.

Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Finally (All But) Official!

[Teixeira pic courtesy of MLB.com]

Mid-Morning Monday Mashup

Okay, apparently Karen Allen (seen here with director Steven Spielberg) has spent the last 25 years encased in protective amber, impervious to the effects of aging. Wow, she looks good. The news broke at Comic-Con in San Diego this past weekend that Karen's Marion Ravenwood character (Indy's love interest in the original Raiders of the Lost Ark) will be returning in the upcoming Indiana Jones IV movie. This is absolutely as it should be. I always thought that Indy and Marion were a much more convincing screen couple than even Han Solo and Princess Leia. [Allen/Spielberg pic courtesy of IndianaJones.com]

The Daly Planet is all over this story...and you should check it out if you're into NASCAR at all...but ESPN's coverage of the Allstate 400 At The Brickyard yesterday was simply a fiasco. If you saw the post from last night (it's still right down there...see it?), you know that I'm a big Juan Pablo Montoya fan. Anyway, you'd think that a former Indy 500 winner like Montoya finishing second in his first stock car race at the hallowed Yard of Bricks might be a big deal, right? Well, he was never shown crossing the finish line. ESPN only showed the winner, Tony Stewart, crossing the finish line and...mind-bogglingly...they never even bothered to put the order of finish up on the screen before leaving the air. Inexcusable. And we're stuck with these clowns for the rest of the season.

Tom Snyder, host of NBC's "The Tomorrow Show" back in the day, has died. I'll always think of him as the guy who put The Ramones, The Jam, The Clash, Elvis Costello, and Iggy Pop on American TV when radio wouldn't touch any of them.

Finally, this story is just going to kill the Norcross Extended Stay's rating in next year's Gwinnett County Sex Offenders' Hotel Guide.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Viva Montoya!

[Montoya pic courtesy of AP]

Two Quick Sunday Predictions

Allstate 400 at The Brickyard

(It's an "All-Villain" Top Three!)
1. Tony Stewart
2. Kurt Busch
3. Juan Pablo Montoya

Champ Cars: San Jose Grand Prix

(Another successful stop on the SeaBass Farewell Tour)
1. Sebastien Bourdais
2. Justin Wilson
3. Oriol Servia

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stay Away From The Broun Stuff, Man

Blake Aued, Athens' own H.L. Mencken and a guy whose blog I should've added to the roll here from Jump Street, wrote in the ABH yesterday about Dr. Doobie getting his toke on. And he's right...this story is pure, unseeded gold. To be blunt, our district was so lucky to weed out Jim Whitehead (doomed by his chronic gaffes and inability to fire up his base...despite bogarting all the campaign cash). Thanks to all the Democrats who weren't afraid to zig-zag this one time and vote for a homegrown Republican. Watch out, Washington...Dr. Feelgood's in the joint. Here's hoping that he doesn't allow the ultra-conservatives from Gwinnett and Cobb county to harsh his independent buzz. After all...just because we Clarke County Democrats were willing to roll one in 2007, don't think we won't hesitate to burn one in 2008.

In case there's any confusion (and how could there not be?)...I thoroughly support the distribution and use of medical marijuana.

Friday, July 27, 2007

She Filled My Glass Last Night Pre-Flight

While all the late-night comics and drive-time radio guys are getting a lot of mileage out of the "drunk astronauts" story, it's important to note that the original Aviation Week story doesn't specify that space shuttle astronauts or missions were involved. Astronauts routinely pilot T-38 trainers, shuttle landing simulation jets, and their own personal planes...none of which should be flown under the influence, obviously...but the pre-flight medical testing for a shuttle mission is so extensive that the thought of guys launching into space sloshed out of their minds strains credulity. But, then again, so did the Lisa Nowak story...and we all know how that one turned out. There's a NASA press conference this afternoon...so stay tuned.

Drunken astronauts, sabotaged computers. Helluva week couple of days at NASA.

In other spaceflight news...so, are you ready to pony up your million bucks and take a ride in this thing yet? Look, I'm as anxious for the future to get here as you guys are. I want my Jetsons-style flying car, too...but human spaceflight is not so routine that we are ready for a joyriding, private sector space tourism service. And whenever we get smug and complacent about space travel, the reality check is almost always lethal.

Even as I fully acknowledge that I'm merely a civilian and by no means an authority on military matters, I have to say that there is nothing...not one account...not one detail...about the tragic death in Afghanistan of Pat Tillman and the subsequent investigation that comes even remotely close to passing the smell test. The more details that leak out, the worse it looks.

"Blame Canada!" Unfortunately, Jaleesa Rhoden and Team Canada didn't fare as well in the FIBA Under-19 World Championships as Ashley Houts and Tasha Humphrey did in their recent debuts in international women's basketball competition. But after missing all of lasting season with injuries, it's great for Lady Dawgs fans just to see Jaleesa out there balling again.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Morning Shakedown

Will the last person to quit the McCain campaign please turn out the lights? At this point, I'll be shocked if the former front-runner is still in the race by the time the Georgia primary rolls around. But, then again, I would've thought he'd be too proud to even consider accepting federal matching funds. Honestly, I hate to see him going out like this. [McCain pic courtesy of MSNBC.com]

Oh...come on, Newt. Run. I'm begging you. It'll be fun.

I used to rag on Red Sox fans for their less-than-charitable attitude toward their former hero Roger Clemens. I never understood how they could turn so viscerally on one of their own.That was before Tom Glavine became a Met. When his playing career is over, I'll take Tommy back into the fold and I know that I'll mist up when I see that Braves cap on his plaque in Cooperstown. But, for now, I pretty much root for him to get his brains beat out every time he takes the mound. The freaking Mets, of all teams? Yeah, it still hurts.

Peach Pundit posted a link to a quiz based on the actual US citizenship test. Give it a shot and find out if you're worthy of being let into this country to be discriminated against. 29 out of 30 for me. Maybe I should run for something.

As much as I try to be a good patron of the local arts...I'm sorry...but this just sounds deadly to me. I can't stand improv when it's done by people who are supposedly really good at it. Local, amateur improv sounds like something I'd gnaw my own leg off to escape. Where's Corky St. Clair when you need him?

Finally...there but for the grace, man...Lauren, the kids, and I have made this left turn countless times. Please be alert out there and buckle up.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do The Humpty Hump Day

Fred Thompson shook up his (non-)campaign staff. Apparently, he canned some advisers who thought his boom-chicka-wow-wow wife, Yoko...errr...Jeri, was pulling too many strings behind the scenes. Anybody besides me experiencing some serious Fred Fatigue? This guy's press honeymoon is long over and he's not even really in the race yet. After all, you can only coast by on a Lorrie Morgan endorsement and being really tall for so long.

The only way I consider a potential Salty-for-Teixeira trade is if Teixeira agrees to a contract extension as part of the deal. No way I trade Salty for a season-and-a-half rental. In fact, I'm not sure I move him at all. Bring Sid Bream to spring training and let him teach the kid how to play first base. It's not like he's embarrassing himself at the position right now.

Tasha and Team USA bring home the gold! Landers' Lady Dawgs are now two for two in international competition this Summer.

Last HYH 10th District runoff item EVER: It is (freaking finally) finished.

And always remember, folks...when you're close to Cumming, think about sports.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Morning Drive Time

Remember Sore Loserman? How we were assured by talking heads on the right that recounts were only for crybabies? Well, well, well...Sore Loserman, meet Jim WAHHHHthead. C'mon, Jim. Let's move on. For the good of the district. Sack up. Them there dadgum tires ain't gonna sell theirselves.

Even though I'm a cynical old cuss, this story got to me. The thought of all that wasted Coke. My lifeblood....that which fuels me and makes me whole. I think I'll wear a red armband today.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Braves almost traded Edgar Renteria and a pitching prospect to the White Sox for Jon Garland. I'm assuming Yunel Escobar would've taken over at short but...man-oh-man...that would've been, along with Kelly Johnson at second, some incredibly inexperienced up-the-middle infield defense to take into a division race. Plus, I've always been leery of trading everyday players for pitchers. Call it Len Barker Syndrome.

Tasha and Team USA go for the gold tonight! Whoo-hoo!

Monday, July 23, 2007

CNN/YouTube Debate Aftermath

I thought Mike Gravel had some of his best moments of the campaign tonight. They came whenever one of the way-too-many questioners who acted like it was Open Mic Night At The Yuk-Yuk Club would start riffing and Gravel would be shown grimacing and casing the crowd like he was looking for a baby to eat. I'm feelin' ya, Mike. If anything, not having the questioners there in person gave the candidates more latitude to work in their predetermined talking points, making poor Anderson Cooper look like Nick Cage trying to wrangle all the babies in Raising Arizona. It was different for sure...but, for my money, not a big success. And if you think the Democratic questioners were insufferable, wait until you get a load of all the wannabe Rushes and Hannitys cracking wise when CNN and YouTube do this again for the Republicans in September.

So...if it's a night of recited and recycled talking points, you know it's going to be a good night for Hillary Clinton. If the other candidates don't blunt her commandeering of the stage and painting the rest of the field as The Pips to her Gladys Knight, those poll numbers of hers are going to solidify. My man Obama, though he got the pimp slot with the campaign videos...going last, just seems cowed by her at times. Maybe it's strategy. Maybe he feels like he doesn't have to engage her now because it's inevitably going to come down to the two of them. But the crowd is still popping louder for him than any other Dem right now. He just needs to give them a proper reason to go nuts.

It was yet another evening as a third wheel for Edwards. Unless he comes up with a compelling rationale for his candidacy, all the Democratic oxygen is just going to continue to be sucked up by Hillary and Obama. I did like his "Hair" video and the way he dissed Hillary's jacket, though. Bill Richardson jumped on my "Joe Biden for Secretary of State" bandwagon, Biden himself expressed admiration for Dennis Kucinich's impossibly hot wife, and Kucinich once again spent most of the night trying to work his elfin magic and get noticed. Unfortunately, Chris Dodd was unable to attend the debate.

What? Wait...you mean he was there?

Still, the whole thing could've been salvaged with a question from Obama Girl. [Debate pic courtesy of CNN.com]

Mitt Romney: A Class Act All The Way

Can somebody explain to me why a $400 haircut is a big deal but nobody's losing their mind about this? Mitt Romney. In South Carolina. Flashing his vapid game-show-host grin...posing with some of the lovely local Gamecock talent...who is holding up an "Obama Osama" sign. Then Mittens himself hoists it proudly. The only thing that keeps me from really gnashing my teeth over this is knowing that Romney isn't going to get close enough to the Republican nomination to pee on it and that he's going to flush a huge amount of his own money down the toilet in pursuit of it. [Mittens and galpal pics courtesy of TMZ.com]

Feels Like A Monday

Holy crap. Hillary is up twenty in Florida now. I'm surprised at Giuliani's strength, too. Geography could really work in Rudy's favor if somehow Fred Thompson's not the big story coming out of Iowa/New Hampshire/South Carolina. Back in 1988, Jesse Jackson's success in the South on Super Tuesday was largely overshadowed in the media by Michael Dukakis taking Florida, thus proving he could win "in the South" (Florida being about as Southern as an egg creme...but that's a separate issue). The early primary schedule in 2008 gives Giuliani a chance to put New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida in his pocket at the outset. That's a lot of momentum...and, oh by the way, also a lot of delegates. [Hillary pic courtesy of AP]

I'm in ur debate. Sendin u questionz. This could seriously go either way. With the CNN/YouTube Debate tonight, teh intrawebs pokes its Cheeto-stained fingers into the race for the White House in a big way. HYH will be right here before bedtime with some post-debate spin. A Presidential debate back-to-back with Monday Night RAW is about as good as TV gets for me.

James McPherson Wins Pritzker Military Writing Award. I've had the honor of actually meeting and chatting with Dr. McPherson. That Pritzker Award will look good alongside his Pulitzer.

Conservative (hey, not that there's anything wrong with that...just preparing you for some of his other content) Peach Punditeer Jeff Emanuel has a terrific, spoiler-free review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows up on his blog. It's a great read.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh Well...

At least I called two of the three podium spots correctly in the European Grand Prix and I did say that Sergio Garcia would tank in The Open. Fernando Alonso is now only two points out of the lead in the F1 driver's championship and Padraig Harrington finally took his name out of consideration for "Best Player To Never Win A Major" status. That one's all yours now, Sergio.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Two Quick Predictions For Sunday

Since that 10th District prediction worked out so well...

European Grand Prix: Ferrari has practically owned the "new" Nurburgring for about the last decade. Since almost half of the circuit is taken at less than full throttle, this race always comes down to reliability. That's where it gets interesting. Ferrari's Kimi Raikonnen, on the pole for tomorrow's race, is a driver known for being rough on a gearbox and prone to mechanical retirements. Defending world champion Fernando Alonso, driving for McLaren, has seemingly blinked under the pressure from his young teammate and current F1 driver points leader Lewis Hamilton and is making uncharacteristic mistakes on race day. This one should be a real grinder and here's how I see the podium shaping up:

First: Kimi Raikonnen (Ferrari)
Second: Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
Third: Fernando Alonso (McLaren)

Keep an eye out for Hamilton, though. Since he crashed out of final qualifying, he'll be starting tenth. Look for him make up several positions in the first two laps, before the field is spread out. At any rate, he should end up somewhere in the points and still atop the driver standings heading into the next Grand Prix (The Hungaroring, Budapest, August 5).

The Open Championship (or as we here across the pond call it, The British Open): Phil Mickelson may have a reputation as a Sunday choker, but at least he keeps it interesting...often not chucking it up until the final holes. Sergio Garcia, heading into tomorrow's final round at Carnoustie with a three-shot lead, is every bit the gagger without nearly as much entertainment value. Garcia's style is to be in the hunt going into Sunday and then hang a 77 on the board. I don't see him hoisting the Claret Jug. If Garcia and his playing partner Steve Stricker falter, they've got a veritable Who's Who of golf lurking behind them in the 5-8 shots back range. And one of those guys just happens to be Tiger Woods.

But Stricker won't falter. Instead, he'll continue the streak of "Who?" winners in this year's majors.

The Open Champion: Steve Stricker

Friday, July 20, 2007

Here Comes The Weekend (Pot Head Edition)

P-Day Finally Arrives: Get your Pot on at midnight tonight (NO SPOILERS, I SWEAR!) Man, I wish people were as fired up about leaks in the Valerie Plame case as they are about leaked Harry Potter spoilers. As much as I love the Potter books and the movie series, the ratio of transitional material and wordy exposition to Big Events in the last two books made reading each of them a bit of a chore. Here's hoping that this final installment is all-killer (THAT'S NOT A SPOILER!)/no-filler.

Emmy nominations were announced yesterday. I'm glad that House, Heroes, and 30 Rock cleaned up and that Jean Smart was finally recognized for her work on 24. As ever though, there were inexplicable snubs:

-How does Battlestar Galactica keep getting snubbed for Outstanding Dramatic Series?
-No Ashley Jensen (Extras) nomination for Comedy Actress? Seriously?
-Did critical backlash against Studio 60 cost Matthew Perry a nomination?
-No Jack Coleman and Hayden Panettiere nominations for Heroes?

Quick prediction: On Emmy night, expect to hear the theme songs from The Sopranos and The Office many, many times.

Tondee's Tavern has put up a hilarious video of strapping, able-bodied College Republicans rationalizing why they punked out of serving in Iraq. There's also bonus Tom DeLay dementia.

Finally...Neil Armstrong walked on the moon 38 years ago on this very day. One small step...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tanks For The Memories

I'll just warn you...you better have some time to kill before you check out this site:

I was volunteering with the Dukakis campaign back in 1988. Lucky enough to actually be at The Omni when he accepted the Democratic nomination. Working his way through the crowd on his way to the podium, Neil Diamond's "America" thumping in the background. I know that sounds like pure Velveeta and, truth is, it pretty much was. But it was electrifying live. We all knew that we had just picked a winner. The next President. Then it all went to hell. Fast. And that freaking tank commercial had a lot to do with it. See it and just about every other Presidential campaign spot ever made for television at the above link. It's a keeper.

Thursday's Charge

According to John Edwards, we're supposed to know in our guts that he's the most electable Democrat for 2008. Boy, everybody's got very important gut feelings these days...but, given the fact that Edwards' top two rivals for the Democratic nomination just happen to be a woman and an African-American, his take on his own potential "electability" rubs me the wrong way. I'm not exactly nuts about Democratic candidates subtly echoing The Prince of Darkness, Robert Novak. I'm sure his standing in the national polls has something to do with it, but there's a sense of desperation in Edwards' campaign style this time around that's downright irksome.

Speaking of "this time around," Julio Franco is once again a Brave. The track record for former Braves being brought back for a late-career encore is not a good one. Failed second acts for Terry Pendleton, Otis Nixon, and Mark Wohlers leap to mind. But Julio, even at 48, is a significant upgrade over Chris Woodward. And he's a guy I'd rather see up there as a pinch-hitter with a late-season game on the line than...say...Scott Thorman. You knew Thorman was going to struggle with offspeed stuff like any rookie...but the way he screws himself into the ground going after fastballs up in his armpits is excruciating to watch. TP, earn your money and shorten that kid's swing.

Now that Formula 1 is out, MotoGP is in at Indy. Good on Tony George and IMS for so quickly finding a world-class event to replace the USGP but...motorcycles racing at The Brickyard? My inner traditionalist is not pleased. At all.

While Rusty Paul is a huge "get" for the Giuliani campaign, I still think Rudy's going to be a tough, tough sell down here. I could see him, however, balancing out a Country Mouse/City Mouse ticket with Fred Thompson.

Finally...even though I don't know either one of them personally (not to mention some slight ideological differences), if a straight-shooter like James over at The Other Athens says Paul Broun is a good guy, that carries a lot of stroke with me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Hi, I'm Mike-El"

"You might remember me from such blogs as Here's Your Holiday and Peach Pundit."
As much as I hate to shill for a movie that needs no free publicity from the likes of me, this Simpsonize Me widget that Burger King is sponsoring to promote the upcoming Simpsons flick is a blast.
Pretty good likeness, huh?

Wednesday Morning Coming Down

So, it turns out that Chris Benoit had enough testosterone pumping through him to win an unscripted Royal Rumble. Look for pressure on Congress to get involved in regulating pro-wrestling to ramp up. After all, they had McGwire, Palmeiro, and Canseco testifying about steroids and baseball players aren't even dying young at an alarming rate the way wrestlers are. And, with apologies to Bud Selig, pro-wrestling holds a much greater sway over kids today than Major League Baseball. Don't believe me? Go to the mall one Saturday afternoon and count the Braves t-shirts on kids versus the John Cena, Undertaker, and DX shirts. It's not even close.

How about that 10th District runoff prediction, huh? I'm also available for Super Bowl predictions and stock tips. Just drop me a line at cluelessputz@wildlyinaccurate.com.

Hit Me Baby One More Time: Honestly, there's almost nothing that Britney Spears can do fully-clothed that I'd find terribly interesting. But slapping your Mama around? That's just toxic.

Over at Peach Pundit, SpaceyG can take the piss out of a Republican at a hundred paces and she also happens to have great taste in music. Yesterday, she posted this amazing video from 1988 of Bruce Springsteen busking on the street in Copenhagen. I assume that's some local street musician with whom he's throwing down The River. Essential viewing for Bruce fans.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

99% Of The Precincts Have Reported

And Paul Broun's lead stands at 394 votes. This one's probably headed for a recount. Yep...Turns out The Election That Wouldn't End isn't going to go down without a stake through its shrunken and shriveled black heart. Unless, of course, Whitehead does the honorable thing and concedes. Didn't the Republicans tell us back in 2000 that only sore losers demand recounts?

Anyway, I'm off to bed. You kids keep it down.

10th District Runoff: Athens-CC Results

There are lessons to be gleaned here. If you want votes from Athens, don't "joke" about blowing up UGA. Don't announce publicly that you'll be favoring Augusta's interests over those of Athens. And...you know what?...don't underestimate Paul Broun. Or this might happen to you:

Athens-Clarke County Results Only

Paul Broun - 5,122

Jim Whitehead - 601

Overall, Broun is clinging to a lead of about 300 votes with 95% of the precincts reporting. If Broun hangs on to win, it's a shocker of Truman/Dewey proportions. If Whitehead blows this, it becomes the standard by which all future colossal electoral choke-jobs in Georgia are measured. The center of political power in this district may well shift back to Athens tonight. Wow.

Tuesday Afternoon Is Never Ending

Gabriel got his first haircut yesterday. Here's a pic of the little guy all spiffed up. It was supposed to be Zoe's first haircut but she kinda freaked out at the last second. So Lauren decided to get Gabe's emerging emo-baby 'do trimmed back a little. I would've preferred to grow it out until it could be shaped into a proper training mullet...but that's just me.

Right now, the leading candidate for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination is "None Of The Above." [Tiny inner voice: I must not gloat. It will not be this easy. It can't be this easy.] Seriously...the polls are beyond meaningless right now. That's why I'm not bothered that my guy is trailing Hillary at this point. In fact, I'm still predicting that Obama wins the Georgia primary and puts Georgia in play for the general if he's the nominee. Like the cliche says, it's a marathon...not a sprint. And we're not even to the first water station yet.

Still..."None Of The Above"...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

I've weighed in with my prophesies of doom and gloom for the Dems' long-term chances in the 10th District in the comments over at Athens Politics. Like I said, the fix is in with this district. The Republicans have us gerrymandered down tighter than a tick.

I swear it tears my nerves up when the Braves lose on nights when we could've picked up ground on the Mets. The one start out of five when Kyle Davies looks like Greg Maddux doesn't mean much when he looks like Mike Maddux the other four.

Grab your towel and find out why The Christian Agnostic says it's okay to turn 42. I wish she would've written that three-and-a-half years ago.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Official 10th District Runoff Prediction

Jim Whitehead - 62%

Paul Broun - 38%

Personally, I'm sitting this one out. Way out.

Monday When The Foreman Calls Time

I'm so proud that my alma mater is out in front on this issue. It's just too bad that the late Dr. Eugene Odum isn't around to see it. Now maybe Dr. Jim Porter can become the rock star professor he so deserves to be. In four years at UGA, Dr. Porter's ECOL 1000 class was the only course I took that culminated with the professor getting a standing ovation at the conclusion of his final lecture. The man is one of the University's best assets.

Well, this mega-sucks. No United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis next year. Tell you what, Bernie...bring the USGP to Road Atlanta next year and all will be forgiven. (If you're into Formula 1 at all, you are LOL'ing big-time at that suggestion.)

Fellow Athens-area blogger jmac (over at Safe As Houses) is expecting a little girl next month and it's already de-masculinizing his posting style. Like I told him, it happens to all of us new Dads. And I posted all my shmoopy, Earth Daddy stuff over on MySpace, no less. We've all got skeletons, man.

Speaking of the Athens area, if you live here or you're into what goes on here, please check out the Athens Politics blog. There's too much going on here and too many plugged-in potential posters in the area for that blog to go dead for extended periods the way it does. Let's give Peach Pundit and Tondee's Tavern (how's that for fair and balanced?) a run for their money.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

And How Was Your Weekend?

I found out today that my father died last night. Big time alcoholic and pot smoker. Massive stroke. Now I don't want to get into a whole thing here...but let's just say we weren't tight and leave it pretty much at that. He beat the living crap out of my Mom and me before bailing and leaving us high and dry when I was in second grade. Me, my two kid brothers, and a wife who had never worked a day in her life. And he stiffed Mom on child support. A real sweetheart, huh? But that's not the big news out of the whole thing. The big news is that I found out I have a half-brother I've never met. Joshua. 28 years old, married with a kid, living in Cumming, GA. Maybe I'll hook up with him sometime. Maybe I won't. My uncle says he looks just like me.

So at least he's got that going for him.

Too Bad...This Would've Rocked

Gomez Knocks Gatti Into Retirement

Welterweight Alfonso Gomez, my favorite fighter from the first season of The Contender, notched by far the biggest win by any Contender alumnus last night when he knocked out legendary warrior and two-time world champion Arturo "Thunder" Gatti in the seventh round of a fight seen on HBO. Huge, huge win for Gomez. In a crowded welterweight field, winning on HBO puts Gomez squarely in the welterweight title picture. Even though I thought Gatti was thoroughly washed-up coming into the fight, I still felt that his experience going deep into fights would be enough to get him past Gomez, who (until last night, anyway) wasn't known for having a big punch. Well, he had an arsenal of them last night. Alfonso landed lead overhand lefts and rights to the head all night and buried his signature right-hook to Gatti's body almost at will. And let me tell you, fighting Arturo Gatti on the boardwalk in Atlantic City is about as massive a home-field advantage as a fighter can get in boxing. But even the thousands of Gatti "paisans" couldn't will him to a win last night. It was brutal...and, thankfully, it was enough to convince Gatti that it's time to hang up the gloves. Good on him. [Gomez/Gatti pic courtesy of AP]

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tasha Looks To Bring Home The Gold

Fresh off point guard Ashley Houts leading the U.S. Under-21 national women's basketball team to a world championship, another Lady Dawg is set to rock the world. All-Everything post player Tasha Humphrey has been selected as a member of this year's Pan-Am Games squad. Here's hoping this is a precursor to Tasha eventually becoming an Olympian. Just another tribute to UGA's Hall-of-Fame head coach Andy Landers and the world-class program he runs. If you haven't been out to a Lady Dawgs game, you don't know what you're missing. Andy coaches an uptempo, run-and-gun, defense-creating-offense scheme that will win over any "men's only" fan. These young women deserve your support. [Tasha pic courtesy of the University of Georgia Athletic Association]

Friday, July 13, 2007

Broun Dons His Political Beer Goggles

It's almost closing time in the 10th District runoff election. Paul Broun has decided it's better to walk out with some not-up-to-his-usual-standards local talent on his arm rather than go home alone. I just got a letter from the Broun campaign that is basically begging for support from Athens-area Democrats. Here are a few excerpts:

"If you disagree with me on issues, it is still common sense that it benefits Athens and vicinity to have a local Congressman rather than one from the far end of the District who has already belittled and ignored us. I will respect our differences and treat everyone fairly."

"For the sake of our community, please lay aside partisan differences, even philosophical ones, and vote for me."

"I am not a partisan puppet or Republican robot. I don't owe the Republican hierarchy. I will do what I believe is right because I respect people and will treat everyone fairly regardless of party, race, religion, or social status."

And the thing is, I might've gone for it (even though I'm tired of setting aside philosophical differences for my own party, let alone the other guys). But, like any second-rater being picked up after last call, I want you to at least have the decency to use my name. Yeah, I might've gone for it if Broun could've sucked it up and forced himself to actually use the word "Democrat."

Still, though, it is kind of flattering to know that we all do get better-looking around closing time.

Oh...and just in case you're wondering...

The blog title is from "Stay Together For The Kids," by Blink-182. Don't worry...rest assured I'll never blog about being a child of divorce, either. It's just a killer song.

So Here's Your Holiday

I've been a serial commenter at other blogs without my own place to pop off for too long. That ends now. Here at HYH, I'll be chiming in on way too many subjects...about which I have way too many strong opinions. For any given entry, it may be :

Politics - From an unapologetically liberal Democrat's point of view.

Sports - Especially all motorsports, the Atlanta Braves and Thrashers, golf, boxing, pro-wrestling (it's still real to me, dammit!), and all University of Georgia sports.

Pop Culture - TV, movies, DVDs, music, comics, etc.

Parenting - Well...I am a stay-at-home Dad, after all. You have my solemn vow that this will never morph into a "Daddy Blog," though. I hate those just as much as you do.

History - Sure, it's a cliche...but you gotta know where you came from to understand where you're going.

Current Events - I'm a straight-up news junkie, dude.

So, thanks for stopping by. As a matter of fact, thanks for your dedication...because I'm not linking back to this blog until I'm confident that I'll be updating it regularly. So if you're reading this, it means that you've decided to go back and read through several days' worth of crap. Congratulations, you just made my Cool List.