Saturday, April 5, 2008

Final Four Predictions

From what I understand, they also have a men's Final Four. I don't give a good-sized tinnerman's rip about it.

Game One: (1)Stanford vs. (1)Connecticut - I'm not a big believer in Stanford. Never have been. Until proven otherwise upon the court, West Coast women's college basketball is the punk kid sister of the game that is played here back East. Stanford lucked out and played their way into the Final Four against another fraud number-one seed...the team that was awarded the number-one that by all rights should've gone to LSU...Maryland. The Cardinal have a wonderful stud player in Candice Wiggins, who has had a stellar career...but Connecticut has The Future (if not The Present) on their side in All-Everything freshman sensation Maya Moore. Nobody has "D"ed-up on Stanford like Connecticut is going to tomorrow night. The Huskies roll up on The Cardinal in a laugher.

Game Two: (2)LSU vs. Tennessee - Anyone who knows me knows that I have a disdain that borders on the pathological for all things orange and Tennessee. But even I can't take delight in the Lady Vols' superstar and future number-one WNBA draft pick Candace Parker dislocating her shoulder in Tennessee's Elite Eight win over Texas A&M. Parker's shoulder popped out twice against the Aggies and she was clearly ailing when she returned to the game after having it re-set and taped up. That's all the blood in the water LSU's Sylvia Fowles, Erica White and their all-time good guy coach Van Chancellor are going to need to smell. This is LSU's mind-boggling fifth consecutive trip to the Final Four...and they're going to the championship game. The Lady Tigers win a tight one..with a final margin that maybe gets artificially bumped with free throws at the end...over the Lady Vols.


Mike-El said...

Okay. So now I believe in Stanford...or at least in this year's edition. If they come out as inspired and energetic on Tuesday night as they were tonight, they'll give LSU or Tennessee all they can handle. A marvelous performance.

Mike-El said...

Second game. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, crap. A Stanford/Tennessee championship game, to me, is like a World Series between the Mets and...oh...the Manson Family. Just not a lot to cheer for. Still, a great game tonight between LSU and Tennessee. A classic SEC backyard brawl slobberknocker. LSU killed themselves missing all those free throws. Just KILLED themselves.