Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shut Up About "Lipstick On A Pig"

We should've seen this coming. Everybody knows that Barack Obama and John McCain are going to hug it out together for the 9/11 anniversary tomorrow. Mutual praise will be dished out and both candidates will decry how the campaign has turned ugly and stupid while promising a "fresh start." Of course, that means you have to spend the days leading up to 9/11 slinging as much mud over the transom as possible. Today (9/10), in fact, is "How Low Can You Go?" day. McCain gives us a detestable "ad" casting Obama as a leering perv who wants to teach kindergarten kids about sex. Obama, shockingly, returns fire by calling McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, a pig. Well...except he didn't. He said, correctly, that trying to pass off four more years of Republican rule as "change" was like trying to put lipstick on a pig. That's what he said. Read it yourself. If you see Sarah Palin being called a pig in there somewhere, then you're being all touchy-feely sensitive and easily offended. And we Democrats will not stand for that kind of brazen encroachment on our emotional property. [...sniff...]

Seriously, Republicans? Shut up about this one. S...T...EFF...U. Barack Obama most certainly did not call Sarah Palin a pig. So knock off the fake righteous indignation. Stop clutching your pearls and frantically fanning yourselves over something you clearly don't really believe. It's pathetic coming from a socio-political class that revels in tough talk from their chickenhawk pissboys in nutbar talk-radio. I mean, just think about it. What is the one thing you guys resent the most about Obama? The one thing that scares you to death? No, no...the other thing. The fact that he's smart. For a guy as smart as Barack Obama to suddenly decide to call Sarah Palin a name with the whole goddamn world watching would take nothing less than a complete break with political reality. Or a suicidal urge to torpedo his own campaign. And if he did have that break with political reality...or he did want to torpedo his own campaign...don't you think he'd at least get his money's worth and call her a lying twatwaffle? It's crap. You don't believe shut up about it.

Hell, I'm willing to go on record: Sarah Palin is not a pig.

As far as I know.


TVJ said...

It's all making me crazy, Mike. I don't want people to fall for these two nutjobs, but I worry they will just like they did with Bush. I don't want to have a beer with my President. I want my President to be too busy running the country to have a beer with me.

Mike-El said...

Fear not. This is a boomlet they're riding. It will subside. Hang in there. They could've pulled this Palin thing off if it was a month later. One month? You can sneak somebody through before anybody goes, "The hell?" Two months? Ample time for vetting and backlash. It's coming.

The debates will help Obama and, I'm telling you, they have no idea what they're running up against in terms of an Election Day ground game. Polling places will have to extend their hours all over the country. It will be seismic and it will be THE story of the election. New voters and first-timers. Bank on it.

Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, nothing is shocking me with the Republicans these days. These are the same jizzmoppers that shat a big juicy turd all over John Kerry four years ago for his Vietnam service and insult America with the notion that a mere vagina flicks the switch in female voters to become Palin-supporting femmebots. The scariest part? It seems to be working. I've been reading about the election nonstop for months watch everyone's favorite boo, Anderson Cooper nightly and I'm shocked at McCain's bump from the convention. I don't fucking get it.

You'd like to think that voters will use some common sense. But as we've all seen time and time before, common sense ain't so common.

Michael said...

Whats' the difference between a pit bull and Sarah Palin? A pit bull gets vetted. Heh.