Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don't Mess With My Mama

I'm relieved and extremely proud to announce that the problems we've been having with Social Security described yesterday have been resolved. With extreme prejudice. My Mom (pictured with yours truly) and my sister-in-law, having had no luck getting anyone on the phone for well over a week, went to the office of her case worker and staged themselves an old-school, power-to-the-people sit-in. That's right. They got there first thing in the morning and announced they weren't leaving until they got some face time. When Mom was asked if she had an appointment, sis-in-law fired back with, "If she can't talk to anybody on the damn phone, how's she supposed to make a damn appointment?" Awesome. She's got dinner or a surprise gift coming next time we're up their way. Long story short, the case worker got on the phone and then on her computer...and within minutes, everything was taken care of. So you see, the system works. Sometimes you just have to go punch it in the throat to get its attention, that's all.


Herb Urban said...

I always imagined your mom kicked all kinds of ass. Glad to hear she put the hurt on the system and the good guys won for once.

Herb Urban said...

A happy and healthy to you and yours, my friend.