Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here's Your Excuse(s)

Man, I've sure neglected HYH for the past week or so. It's been a real confluence of events (yes...that's a euphemism for "clusterf*ck")...There's the booster club stuff. Keeping that blog updated and prepping for another edition of the newsletter. I've also been playing phone tag with the Gwinnett County DFACS and the freaking Social Security Administration, who are trying to screw my Mom out of paying the premiums on her prescriptions. Yes, it's because she missed a deadline on some stupid-ass paperwork by a couple of days....but it's ridiculous how this agency that was set up for the express purpose of helping people in my Mom's situation seemingly goes out of their way to find any excuse to dump people from coverage. Where's the follow-up? Isn't sorting out these little brushfires the reason she has an individual case worker? A case worker who...oh, by the effing way...hasn't returned a call to me or to my Mom, my suffering-from-depression, living-on-an-incredibly-fixed-income Mom, in over a week.

But when I look back, it's pretty obvious that the turning point for my regular blogging was Gabe starting to walk. Taking care of the kids becomes a whole different ballgame once they can disappear when your back is turned for only a second. So, since mornings are pretty much off the table, I'm going to try and get into a regular groove of updating this blog late at night. There'll still be stretches of days around booster club newsletter deadline time when I'll have to let HYH slide...but, for anyone who was, this blog isn't quite dead yet and I haven't fallen into a manhole or anything. And thanks so much for the couple of nice messages I got letting me know that somebody out there actually is reading this thing.

And that's quite enough self-indulgent navel gazing...

In matters of more cosmic importance, Bruce and the band are coming! April 25 to (dammit) Philips Arena. I was hoping for Gwinnett Arena, where the guys played last time. It's a helluva schlep for us Athens-area folks to get to downtown Atlanta. You pretty much have to clear the whole day for it. But, for Bruce? You clear a day. Now here's hoping that there are actually tickets available this weekend and we don't have some Hannah Montana-type fiasco where the tickets are gone in less than five minutes but nobody can find a single living real person who has them. [Bruce/Steve pic courtesy of NY Daily News]

Great. More junk mail.

For everyone pissing and moaning about SpaceyG's contributions to Peach Pundit: Boy, wouldn't it be nice if there was something signifying who contributed what? So you could skip over any contributors you may not personally care for? Maybe something right under the post heading? Dudes...didn't anybody tell you that you're supposed to see a doctor if it lasts more than four hours? Rock on, Spacey.

Well...she didn't pop a couple before going onstage at MTV, that's for sure.

My pal and Winterville neighbor Ryan Hybl has made it to the second stage of PGA Q-School, where the top finishers after three stages get their PGA Tour memberships. When I went back to school at UGA as an old geezer, I was lucky enough to have several classes with Ryan and get to know him a little bit. I just hope he's ready to deal with what an incredible pest I'm going to become once he's a PGA star.

Finally, I want this for Christmas. It's a veritable Floyducopia!


18 wheels of love said...

Glad to see ya back, bro. I check daily because I couldn't get enough Moolah.

Mike-El said...

I'm feeling you, Brother James. 99 problems but Moolah ain't one.

Herb Urban said...

Hang in there, brother. Does anyone really need that much Floyd?

Mike-El said...

Honestly, I don't have a lot of use for all the early psychedelia and Syd Barrett material. I'm more into the later, Roger Waters-driven stuff. I can't get enough of "The Wall" and "The Final Cut," especially.

Herb Urban said...

"The Final Cut" is a vastly underrated masterpiece. Roger hammers Maggie to the mat on that one.