Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some Quick Morning Bile

This morning's mood: Extremely Chloe.

So, John McCain gets asked (in reference to Hillary), "How do we beat the bitch?" and, rather than remind the questioner about the importance of civility and common decency, he comes back with, "...that's an excellent question." Well, my respect for the guy went out the window a long time ago when he became Bush's lapdog and apologist...and now the sympathy I had for him as I watched him tremble and stutter while being eviscerated by Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" a few months ago is gone as well. What happened to the McCain I used to respect and enjoy listening to? The guy whose dignity would never allow him to pander to the red-meat crowd? I think that's a pretty freaking excellent question, too.

You know, the only thing Steve Spurrier likes better than yanking the chains of Georgia folks is the way we jump around splurting and sputtering when we fall for it. This Herschel Walker thing? Mission accomplished on both counts.

Rudy Giuliani can "dismiss" until he's blue in the face...but this Bernie Kerik stuff is going to blow up well before "Monster Tuesday" on February 5, the day Rudy is counting on all the big states to come through for him and blunt Mitt Romney's expected January success in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan. Kerik's pre-trial hearing is set for January 16, right in the middle of primary season...and his sleazy dance card has it all. Corruption, mob ties, and now, thanks to Judith Regan, influence-peddling and...wait for Just as the impeachment story green-lit investigations into President Clinton's sex life, the Kerik scandals and his ties to Giuliani will free up the press to look into Bernie and Rudy's wild-and-crazy swinger days. Giulian's success in the national polls may mean that the Republican base actually will hold its nose and vote for a pro-choice candidate if they think he can beat Hillary, but I don't think they're going to tolerate having some sex-having hedonist at the top of the ballot. At least Romney has a child to show for each time he did the vile deed.

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