Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Simply An Abomination

I possess no sensibility that this cap does not offend. I mean...of course...good on the Rockies, but there's almost nothing in baseball much more bush league than celebrating "winning" the wild card. It makes rally monkeys look classy. Oh well, at least they aren't calling themselves the "Wild Card Champions" like the Mets did in 1999. Plus, it's ugly. Wild card team fans, root like crazy for your guys to advance so you can upgrade caps and send this thing to Goodwill...if not Hell itself.


18 wheels of love said...

BTW, no Andruw... It's official. Knew it was coming, but maybe we'll get Maddux and Glavine back... I'd take it.

Herb Urban said...

More money for Schilling. I just threw up in my mouth as I typed that.