Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wrestling With Playoff Predictions

There are two things one needs to know heading into MLB's League Championships: 1. Who's going to win? 2. Who do you hide behind if a bench-clearing brawl breaks out? Let's take those two question in reverse order:

Even if he's got nothing left on his fastball,
Eric Gagne looks like he could deliver a mean piledriver.

We'll never know if Eric Byrnes has a Dirty Dick,
but we sure know he looks a lot like him.

"Have a nice day, Todd Helton!"

Paul's already buried the Yankees alive.

Love 'Tek...but that sissy-boy facewash
on A-Rod was no Russian Sickle.

Troy Tulowitzki looks like Randy Orton.
(Sorry...the guy's got no "hook.")

Meng, King Haku...whatever. It's a look that's just an
Oscar Gamble Afro Blowout Kit away for Jose Mesa.

As for who will win:

NLCS - Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Rockies in six.

ALCS - Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox

Sox in seven. (Dammit, dammit, dammit!)


Herb Urban said...

Dude, where is your Joe Table/Meng comparison? No love for Meng? Did the 90's not teach you anything?

Mike-El said...

Do the Googling. I couldn't make the pics match up as well as the rest of them.

'Tek/Nikita is my favorite. It was the very silly 'Tek mag cover that triggered the whole thing.

Mike-El said...

Okay. Upon further review...fixed.

Herb Urban said...

Meng is love, brutha. Shit, I just walked into a time warp. How do I find my way back out?

Steve said...

No Cowboy Bill Watts?