Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When The Rain Comes

Somebody get Mulder and Scully on the phone...For the past couple of days here in Winterville, there's been an unexplainable phenomenon taking place. I know this is going to sound nuts...but...there appears to be water somehow falling from the sky. What's up with that?

Alabama Governor to state of Georgia: "Drop dead."

This bears repeating: There are so many good reasons Mitt Romney shouldn't be President that his unusual religious beliefs aren't even in the top ten.

Waffle House, huh? Well, you can say what you will about Kid Rock...but at least you can't say he doesn't keep it real.

Dude, if Pat Quinn wants to coach the Thrashers, hire him now. Sure, he's getting up there in age...but he'd be a fine two-to-three-year steward for a veteran-laden team like the Thrashers. (Not that I think Bob Hartley should've been fired in the first place, mind you.) Plus, how cool would it be to have an old Atlanta Flames legend behind the bench?

The WNBA is coming to Atlanta! Yeah...go ahead. Make your jokes. And, when you get done? Bite me. Because...you know what? Eff WNBA haters. Sports talk radio goes on and on about how, since they personally don't care for it, the WNBA shouldn't even exist. That bugs the hell out of me. People losing their minds because somebody dared to put a sports league together that doesn't cater to middle-to-upper class, beer-drinking white guys. I'm one of them and I'm here to tell you...we suck. Nobody's putting a gun to their heads and forcing them to watch. Every TV in America has 100 channels these days. Watch something else and freaking zip it.

Me? I plan on being there opening night/day. Since the league has gifted Atlanta with the fourth pick in the WNBA draft, I fully expect Tasha Humphrey to be suiting up for Atlanta. And the team's front office would do well to look over the pending free agents list and either sign or make trades bringing other former Georgia Lady Bulldogs to Atlanta.


Herb Urban said...

If the whole Mormonism thing gets to be a problem for Mitt, why doesn't he just flip flop on his religious affiliation, like he has everything else?

18 wheels of love said...

I was beginning to wonder where my fucking holiday was... I hope you have appropriately switched your bandwagon team to the Rockies by now.