Monday, October 15, 2007

Pulling Double Duty

I swear I haven't forgot about my loyal HYH'ers. The two of you should know that I am flat-out up against it right now. I've been put in charge of starting up a new blog for the Fastbreak Club, the University of Georgia Lady Bulldogs basketball booster club, and it has been taking up just about every spare moment that I'm torn away from the kids and running (and, in the interest of full disclosure, watching postseason baseball). In addition, I'm also the editor of the club's monthly newsletter...whose deadline for this upcoming issue is rapidly approaching. So...that's where I've been.

And I actually made time for a little fun and relaxation this past weekend. My brother and I went to the big TNA pay-per-view, "Bound For Glory," at the Gwinnett Arena. TNA is trying to make their own little niche in the wrestling market by using older guys at the top of the card and dedicating the undercard to what they call their X-Division. It's basically an "edgy" name for their cruiserweights. The TNA X-Division guys put on an energetic show...with an emphasis, of course, on highspot after highspot. Unfortunately, a lot of their offense shows enough light to read a phone book by in the cheap seats. After a while, it's like watching a movie with nothing but car chases, you know? You start longing for a match that actually tells a story. That's where Sting and then-TNA heavyweight champ Kurt Angle come in.

Angle and Sting (pictured) staged one stemwinder of a main event title match. Sting can't go like he did fifteen years ago, obviously...but the 2007 Sting is a far cry from the kicking, stomping, and punching Sting of the "WCW Monday Nitro" era. Maybe working with all those young kids is rubbing off on him. Angle had a really nice moment in the match when he cinched Sting from behind and gave him three consecutive German suplexes. The fans who recognized that series of moves as a tribute to the late Chris Benoit responded with a round of respectful which Kurt responded with a briefly flashed thumbs-up. Kinda we shared a moment with him. The ending was an old-school WCW-esque schmozz that saw interference from Kevin Nash backfiring and Sting ultimately winning the title. A fun evening all around...and I'll definitely be setting the TiVo for "TNA Impact" on Thursday nights from now on.

But, because I was so swamped, there were no Quick Predictions this weekend (I would've nailed all of them, you know) and I didn't get to follow-up on the results of the Holyfield fight...Evander lost a lopsided decision and vowed afterwards to soldier on until he gets another title shot. Good Lord. Basically, I'm just checking in. My dance card is still chockablock with booster club stuff to do for the next three or four days, but then...hopefully...I'll be able to dote a little more on HYH. Because you guys deserve it. Both of you.
[Sting/Angle pic courtesy of...Me!]


18 wheels of love said...

Thanks for thinkin' of me... Twice.

Mike-El said...

Dude, I wish you could've made the scene for wrestling. The old ECW crowd was in full effect and the sacred and profane chants from back-in-the-day rang out all night. Next time RAW comes back to town, we're in like Flynn.

Herb Urban said...

I admire your ability to still mark out like a mofo. I have soured on the business worse than Mark Mero. I am strictly a youtube rasslin' fan.

The best thing that can happen for fans is if steroid scandals topples the VKM empire and regionals sprout up again. Call me Tommy Dreamer, but I am not the only one. There is that other guy who works as a road agent for the WWE I believe.

Jmac said...

Granted I haven't paid attention to wrestling in, well, many years ... but what happened to Kurt Angle? How did he slip to TNA?

Mike-El said...

Welcome, jmac. Good to see you here. Long story short, Angle has a chronic neck condition. He had just come back from his latest rehab stint for the neck injury when Vince "demoted" him to wrestling for ECW. Angle asked for his release and, since Vince was worried about yet another neck injury crippling him and the resulting bad publicity, it was granted by WWE. The dirt sheets claim that Vince and Angle had an informal agreement (nothing signed) that the release would be granted with the stipulation that Kurt would announce his retirement. Well, Kurt got his release and then signed with next day.

Kurt now claims in interviews that he quit WWE, bullmoose-ing Vince into granting his legal release, and that injuries had nothing to do with it. Believe what you will.

Herb Urban said...

Dude, does your other blog know you are a two timing gigolo? I am not above accepting sloppy seconds, mind you.

Mike-El said...

My other blog thinks I'm "working late."

Anonymous said...


I would imagine if i can arrange it and stay on top of the flying circus that is my life, I will finally get to meet you at an UGA Lady's game. As you know, they hanged a whistle around my neck a few years back and called me "coach," A title no one else wanted and one I dont deserve. I am going to try to keep up with the lady dawgs this year and we can see a game together, and I will probably bring my son too.


Mike-El said... is all kinds of ON. Just pick a game and let me know. We'll do it up right. I'll get you guys courtside.

We've got five Sunday afternoon home games if you guys don't want to make a late night of it. Couple of really good ones, too. You could come to the Tech or Vandy games.