Saturday, October 6, 2007

Quick Prediction: The Georgia Game

Sorry for being incommunicado today. Grocery shopping, running, birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (hey, that's what happens when you appoint a three-year-old to be your party coordinator)...anyway, let's get after it: Long story short, the "Fire Phil" movement gains momentum. The Vols lose a late lead when their coach makes a dumb, indefensible decision. Georgia capitalizes. I dance a small jig at Road Atlanta as day turns to night.

I'll be at the race. Y'all enjoy the game.

Georgia - 24
Tennessee - 20


Anonymous said...

I think it will not be that close, but you are right that UGA will win.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the upside to a GA win will be that maybe we will get a new coach.
Have fun at the races!