Monday, October 8, 2007

Blogrolling = Logrolling

HYH is now offically an award-winning blog. Regionally acclaimed raconteur and notorious soccer mom lothario Herb Urban has bestowed upon us a Blogger Reflection Award. The picture of Dude Love on the award says everything about my relationship with Herb. Lots of pretend pounding the snot out of each other, mangled foreheads, spilled blood, and...ultimately...Dude Love. If only he didn't have to go dissing Kelly Ripa, who's been firmly ensconced on my Short List dating all the way back to "Dance Party USA," in his presentation spiel... Still, an award's an award. In acceptance, I can only quote the great Randy Bachman and say, "Any lovin' is good lovin', so I took what I could get." Thanks, Herbie!


Herb Urban said...

Dee Dee Doodle or Kelly Ripa? We all know who Mike would do. Is Annie Potts still on her lust in your heart list?

Herb Urban said...

Kelly once had a thing for all the Designing Women. I skimmed her autobiography for the juicy parts.

Mike-El said...

In what will almost assuredly be HYH's jump-the-shark moment, I plan on actually devoting an upcoming entry to the Short List. Right now, Dee Dee is being challenged by Nina from The Good Night Show and Larissa, the cute blonde Wiggles backup dancer, in the Kiddie TV Forbidden Fruit department.

Annie Potts, regrettably, has passed her sell-by date. The arthritis meds commercial was the last straw.

Herb Urban said...

I love Nina. She is a huge upgrade over the Technical Virgin from season 1. I often image what she looks like out of those clown clothes.

My short list, since my wife would never think to look here.

Off the top of my head:

1. Neko Case
2. Neko Case
3. Neko Case
4. Nina
5. Kate Beckinsale
6. Cheryl Hines
7. Tina Fey
8. Amy Poehler
9. Josie Bissett
10. Shelly Long

Mike-El said...

"My short list, since my wife would never think to look here."

And with that, this blog justifies its existence.

I had always thought Cheryl was attractive...but I about fell over dead when she stepped out in that bikini at the beach.

Ahhhhhhhhh, Tina...

Herb Urban said...

In case my wife does find this site, I was just kidding about Shelly Long, honey.

Herb Urban said...

I somehow omitted long time favs, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mary Louise Parker and Christine Todd Whitman.

Which one of those is not like the other?

Mike-El said...

Parker. Because she doesn't have a dude's middle name.

And because she's about a hundred thousand times more bangable.

Herb Urban said...

Is it too late to add Valerie Plame to my list? I'll drop Shelly Long or Oprah to make room.