Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tanks For The Memories

I'll just warn better have some time to kill before you check out this site:

I was volunteering with the Dukakis campaign back in 1988. Lucky enough to actually be at The Omni when he accepted the Democratic nomination. Working his way through the crowd on his way to the podium, Neil Diamond's "America" thumping in the background. I know that sounds like pure Velveeta and, truth is, it pretty much was. But it was electrifying live. We all knew that we had just picked a winner. The next President. Then it all went to hell. Fast. And that freaking tank commercial had a lot to do with it. See it and just about every other Presidential campaign spot ever made for television at the above link. It's a keeper.

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Steve said...

I think he would have been a good President, and that was really one of the first campaigns where i ever tried to help out.

It also marked a turning to gutter politics, and revealed the shape of things to come revealing all things Bush.