Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do The Humpty Hump Day

Fred Thompson shook up his (non-)campaign staff. Apparently, he canned some advisers who thought his boom-chicka-wow-wow wife, Yoko...errr...Jeri, was pulling too many strings behind the scenes. Anybody besides me experiencing some serious Fred Fatigue? This guy's press honeymoon is long over and he's not even really in the race yet. After all, you can only coast by on a Lorrie Morgan endorsement and being really tall for so long.

The only way I consider a potential Salty-for-Teixeira trade is if Teixeira agrees to a contract extension as part of the deal. No way I trade Salty for a season-and-a-half rental. In fact, I'm not sure I move him at all. Bring Sid Bream to spring training and let him teach the kid how to play first base. It's not like he's embarrassing himself at the position right now.

Tasha and Team USA bring home the gold! Landers' Lady Dawgs are now two for two in international competition this Summer.

Last HYH 10th District runoff item EVER: It is (freaking finally) finished.

And always remember, folks...when you're close to Cumming, think about sports.

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