Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stay Away From The Broun Stuff, Man

Blake Aued, Athens' own H.L. Mencken and a guy whose blog I should've added to the roll here from Jump Street, wrote in the ABH yesterday about Dr. Doobie getting his toke on. And he's right...this story is pure, unseeded gold. To be blunt, our district was so lucky to weed out Jim Whitehead (doomed by his chronic gaffes and inability to fire up his base...despite bogarting all the campaign cash). Thanks to all the Democrats who weren't afraid to zig-zag this one time and vote for a homegrown Republican. Watch out, Washington...Dr. Feelgood's in the joint. Here's hoping that he doesn't allow the ultra-conservatives from Gwinnett and Cobb county to harsh his independent buzz. After all...just because we Clarke County Democrats were willing to roll one in 2007, don't think we won't hesitate to burn one in 2008.

In case there's any confusion (and how could there not be?)...I thoroughly support the distribution and use of medical marijuana.


Anonymous said...

Listen, I never touch the stuff for a host of reasons, but Broun is really off to a good start. I am starting to think there may be something to this guy. Finally a Republican who doesnt just talk about limiting the feds power- he means it.

The "weed out Jim Whitehead" thing was a good one, BTW

18 wheels of love said...

I'm on the fucking floor after this.

Mike-El said...

Thanks, Brother James. I had a mental list of terms I wanted to work into the piece and I managed to get all of them in except "cheebah cheebah."

That one's tough.