Friday, July 13, 2007

Broun Dons His Political Beer Goggles

It's almost closing time in the 10th District runoff election. Paul Broun has decided it's better to walk out with some not-up-to-his-usual-standards local talent on his arm rather than go home alone. I just got a letter from the Broun campaign that is basically begging for support from Athens-area Democrats. Here are a few excerpts:

"If you disagree with me on issues, it is still common sense that it benefits Athens and vicinity to have a local Congressman rather than one from the far end of the District who has already belittled and ignored us. I will respect our differences and treat everyone fairly."

"For the sake of our community, please lay aside partisan differences, even philosophical ones, and vote for me."

"I am not a partisan puppet or Republican robot. I don't owe the Republican hierarchy. I will do what I believe is right because I respect people and will treat everyone fairly regardless of party, race, religion, or social status."

And the thing is, I might've gone for it (even though I'm tired of setting aside philosophical differences for my own party, let alone the other guys). But, like any second-rater being picked up after last call, I want you to at least have the decency to use my name. Yeah, I might've gone for it if Broun could've sucked it up and forced himself to actually use the word "Democrat."

Still, though, it is kind of flattering to know that we all do get better-looking around closing time.

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