Friday, July 27, 2007

She Filled My Glass Last Night Pre-Flight

While all the late-night comics and drive-time radio guys are getting a lot of mileage out of the "drunk astronauts" story, it's important to note that the original Aviation Week story doesn't specify that space shuttle astronauts or missions were involved. Astronauts routinely pilot T-38 trainers, shuttle landing simulation jets, and their own personal planes...none of which should be flown under the influence, obviously...but the pre-flight medical testing for a shuttle mission is so extensive that the thought of guys launching into space sloshed out of their minds strains credulity. But, then again, so did the Lisa Nowak story...and we all know how that one turned out. There's a NASA press conference this stay tuned.

Drunken astronauts, sabotaged computers. Helluva week couple of days at NASA.

In other spaceflight, are you ready to pony up your million bucks and take a ride in this thing yet? Look, I'm as anxious for the future to get here as you guys are. I want my Jetsons-style flying car, too...but human spaceflight is not so routine that we are ready for a joyriding, private sector space tourism service. And whenever we get smug and complacent about space travel, the reality check is almost always lethal.

Even as I fully acknowledge that I'm merely a civilian and by no means an authority on military matters, I have to say that there is nothing...not one account...not one detail...about the tragic death in Afghanistan of Pat Tillman and the subsequent investigation that comes even remotely close to passing the smell test. The more details that leak out, the worse it looks.

"Blame Canada!" Unfortunately, Jaleesa Rhoden and Team Canada didn't fare as well in the FIBA Under-19 World Championships as Ashley Houts and Tasha Humphrey did in their recent debuts in international women's basketball competition. But after missing all of lasting season with injuries, it's great for Lady Dawgs fans just to see Jaleesa out there balling again.

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