Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Morning Drive Time

Remember Sore Loserman? How we were assured by talking heads on the right that recounts were only for crybabies? Well, well, well...Sore Loserman, meet Jim WAHHHHthead. C'mon, Jim. Let's move on. For the good of the district. Sack up. Them there dadgum tires ain't gonna sell theirselves.

Even though I'm a cynical old cuss, this story got to me. The thought of all that wasted Coke. My lifeblood....that which fuels me and makes me whole. I think I'll wear a red armband today.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Braves almost traded Edgar Renteria and a pitching prospect to the White Sox for Jon Garland. I'm assuming Yunel Escobar would've taken over at short but...man-oh-man...that would've been, along with Kelly Johnson at second, some incredibly inexperienced up-the-middle infield defense to take into a division race. Plus, I've always been leery of trading everyday players for pitchers. Call it Len Barker Syndrome.

Tasha and Team USA go for the gold tonight! Whoo-hoo!


Anonymous said...

...but Len barker pitched a perfect game!

You are dead on about Whitehead, except there is a flaw in the comparison. Sore/Loserman actually won the election.

Jmac said...

Granted, I am amazingly bitter toward Edgar Renteria for his convenient inability to actually play baseball during the 2005 season, but still ... since he's not playing for Boston anymore and has remembered how to catch a ground ball, why would you trade him now?

He's one of the team's most consistent hitters. Wait a year on Escobar, and get something for Renteria down the road.