Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Is Never Ending

Gabriel got his first haircut yesterday. Here's a pic of the little guy all spiffed up. It was supposed to be Zoe's first haircut but she kinda freaked out at the last second. So Lauren decided to get Gabe's emerging emo-baby 'do trimmed back a little. I would've preferred to grow it out until it could be shaped into a proper training mullet...but that's just me.

Right now, the leading candidate for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination is "None Of The Above." [Tiny inner voice: I must not gloat. It will not be this easy. It can't be this easy.] Seriously...the polls are beyond meaningless right now. That's why I'm not bothered that my guy is trailing Hillary at this point. In fact, I'm still predicting that Obama wins the Georgia primary and puts Georgia in play for the general if he's the nominee. Like the cliche says, it's a marathon...not a sprint. And we're not even to the first water station yet.

Still..."None Of The Above"...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

I've weighed in with my prophesies of doom and gloom for the Dems' long-term chances in the 10th District in the comments over at Athens Politics. Like I said, the fix is in with this district. The Republicans have us gerrymandered down tighter than a tick.

I swear it tears my nerves up when the Braves lose on nights when we could've picked up ground on the Mets. The one start out of five when Kyle Davies looks like Greg Maddux doesn't mean much when he looks like Mike Maddux the other four.

Grab your towel and find out why The Christian Agnostic says it's okay to turn 42. I wish she would've written that three-and-a-half years ago.

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