Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Morning Shakedown

Will the last person to quit the McCain campaign please turn out the lights? At this point, I'll be shocked if the former front-runner is still in the race by the time the Georgia primary rolls around. But, then again, I would've thought he'd be too proud to even consider accepting federal matching funds. Honestly, I hate to see him going out like this. [McCain pic courtesy of]

Oh...come on, Newt. Run. I'm begging you. It'll be fun.

I used to rag on Red Sox fans for their less-than-charitable attitude toward their former hero Roger Clemens. I never understood how they could turn so viscerally on one of their own.That was before Tom Glavine became a Met. When his playing career is over, I'll take Tommy back into the fold and I know that I'll mist up when I see that Braves cap on his plaque in Cooperstown. But, for now, I pretty much root for him to get his brains beat out every time he takes the mound. The freaking Mets, of all teams? Yeah, it still hurts.

Peach Pundit posted a link to a quiz based on the actual US citizenship test. Give it a shot and find out if you're worthy of being let into this country to be discriminated against. 29 out of 30 for me. Maybe I should run for something.

As much as I try to be a good patron of the local arts...I'm sorry...but this just sounds deadly to me. I can't stand improv when it's done by people who are supposedly really good at it. Local, amateur improv sounds like something I'd gnaw my own leg off to escape. Where's Corky St. Clair when you need him?

Finally...there but for the grace, man...Lauren, the kids, and I have made this left turn countless times. Please be alert out there and buckle up.

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Anonymous said...

McCain looks awful. He looks old tired and mean. How many times am I going to ask myself why I supported this guy in the 2000 primaries?

He might as well hire that witch from Florida to run his campaign (the one who was sec of state in 2000).

I agree that Newtie would be an easy mark. He never closes his pie hole.