Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday When The Foreman Calls Time

I'm so proud that my alma mater is out in front on this issue. It's just too bad that the late Dr. Eugene Odum isn't around to see it. Now maybe Dr. Jim Porter can become the rock star professor he so deserves to be. In four years at UGA, Dr. Porter's ECOL 1000 class was the only course I took that culminated with the professor getting a standing ovation at the conclusion of his final lecture. The man is one of the University's best assets.

Well, this mega-sucks. No United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis next year. Tell you what, Bernie...bring the USGP to Road Atlanta next year and all will be forgiven. (If you're into Formula 1 at all, you are LOL'ing big-time at that suggestion.)

Fellow Athens-area blogger jmac (over at Safe As Houses) is expecting a little girl next month and it's already de-masculinizing his posting style. Like I told him, it happens to all of us new Dads. And I posted all my shmoopy, Earth Daddy stuff over on MySpace, no less. We've all got skeletons, man.

Speaking of the Athens area, if you live here or you're into what goes on here, please check out the Athens Politics blog. There's too much going on here and too many plugged-in potential posters in the area for that blog to go dead for extended periods the way it does. Let's give Peach Pundit and Tondee's Tavern (how's that for fair and balanced?) a run for their money.

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