Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Finally (All But) Official!

[Teixeira pic courtesy of]


Steve said...

I havent kept up with them as much as in some years past, but last I checked they were hovering around 500. Sometimes a club can make a big pick up like that and it will send them over the edge into a good zone.

Mike-El said...

Absolutely. Just from the fresh energy in the clubhouse. This sends a message to the veterans like Smoltz, Chipper, and Andruw (not to mention the fans) that the front office is serious about making a run at the Mets.

And, according to the rumor mill, they aren't done dealing yet.

Steve said...

It was one of the leads on "Sports Center" this morning, so I just kind of take your word that this must be a good deal for the Braves. Maybe I will hop on the bandwagon again.