Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Keeping It Kinda Short This Morning...

...because I gotta bathe the kids sometime, you know?

So...Mitt Romney wants to punk out of the Republican CNN/YouTube debate because he thinks it might be demeaning? That's good to know. I mean, it's really good to know that Mittens would never consider doing anything that might be considered demeaning to the process of choosing a President.

He had a dream...he had an awesome dream. Mmmm, states rights. Is there any potentially unpopular-with-your-base stance they can't gloss over?

Dude. Chill. Pedro's on the way back, you know.

What a night to be a disgruntled (about these two issues, anyway) Braves fan: Tom Glavine goes for his 300th win in a freaking Mets uniform and Barry Bonds resumes hacking away at Hank Aaron's record. Here's hoping Big Tex leads us to a win earlier in the evening so I won't be in an even worse mood.

More later. Maybe there'll be something big to talk about at the MLB trade deadline this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching Broun, and watching closely. He is still in honeymoon phase with me right now. As long as he doesnt accuse me of registering terrorists to vote up here in North Georgia, I might give him a chance.

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents- Bonds is a disgrace.

Mike-El said...

Yeah, I'm still just funnin' with Broun. For better or worse, he's our guy now.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to see where he goes with Children's health care. That vote is going to be soon.