Friday, July 20, 2007

Here Comes The Weekend (Pot Head Edition)

P-Day Finally Arrives: Get your Pot on at midnight tonight (NO SPOILERS, I SWEAR!) Man, I wish people were as fired up about leaks in the Valerie Plame case as they are about leaked Harry Potter spoilers. As much as I love the Potter books and the movie series, the ratio of transitional material and wordy exposition to Big Events in the last two books made reading each of them a bit of a chore. Here's hoping that this final installment is all-killer (THAT'S NOT A SPOILER!)/no-filler.

Emmy nominations were announced yesterday. I'm glad that House, Heroes, and 30 Rock cleaned up and that Jean Smart was finally recognized for her work on 24. As ever though, there were inexplicable snubs:

-How does Battlestar Galactica keep getting snubbed for Outstanding Dramatic Series?
-No Ashley Jensen (Extras) nomination for Comedy Actress? Seriously?
-Did critical backlash against Studio 60 cost Matthew Perry a nomination?
-No Jack Coleman and Hayden Panettiere nominations for Heroes?

Quick prediction: On Emmy night, expect to hear the theme songs from The Sopranos and The Office many, many times.

Tondee's Tavern has put up a hilarious video of strapping, able-bodied College Republicans rationalizing why they punked out of serving in Iraq. There's also bonus Tom DeLay dementia.

Finally...Neil Armstrong walked on the moon 38 years ago on this very day. One small step...

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the great chicken hawk GOPers. Wouldn't it be great if all his young supporters had volunteered for his war? They could come back with all those medals on their chests, ready to stand up to those traitorous Democrats? Its funny how those guys wont put their money where their mouth is.