Monday, September 24, 2007

57 Channels (And Nothin' On)

Truth is, since we have DirecTV, it's actually more like 157 but, still...I just got through programming the TiVo for the upcoming fall season last night and here's what we're looking at:

Monday - WWE Monday Night RAW, Heroes

Tuesday - House, Dirty Jobs

Wednesday - Kitchen Nightmares, Mythbusters

Thursday - Smallville, Survivor, The Office, 30 Rock

Friday - WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

Saturday - [Nothing]

Sunday - Curb Your Enthusiasm

I know that we'll be adding more stuff that premieres a few months down the road (The Amazing Race, 24, Battlestar Galactica, RENO 911!)...but, wow...I hadn't really realized how few shows we're actually watching these days. Which is just as well, since we can barely make time for what we do watch. Also, I noticed there's only one new fall show in the lineup...though I may end up giving Bionic Woman a look. The point is...I used to consider myself a real TV addict. So I'm surprised to see that the actual number of shows I watch isn't that great. Or is it? How many shows do you guys make a point of not missing? [Smashed TV pic courtesy of a genuine TV Junkie]

In sports, the only thing worse than being bad is being bad and boring. The Falcons are bad and boring. A season that was over before it ever even started is well on its way to becoming a full-blown fiasco. Does the NFL keep records for the number of no-shows?

In light of the heroics of Buford's own Mikey Henderson in the Georgia overtime win at 'Bama over the weekend, it's fitting...and necessary...and not at all point out that the number-one-ranked Wolves have stormed out of the gates to a 5-0 start, outscoring their opposition to the tune of a cumulative 220-19.

If these things really do happen in threes, Shields and Yarnell should probably watch out for falling pianos.

Thinking about cleaning your gutters? Here's a tip: DON'T. Hire somebody. Man...Two days later, I'm still recovering from some ill-advised roof and ladder time. I knew it was a bad idea, too. As soon as my foot hit the first rung, I could almost hear Elmo and the kids screaming, "No, no, Mr. Noodle! Don't climb the ladder!" Roof work and chronic back trouble simply don't play well together.

Finally...This is the 100th post here at HYH. I'd like to send a big "Thank you" out to all of my loyal readers and commenters. You two know who you are.


Herb Urban said...

Congrats on #100! 700 drug free posts to go until you surpass Barry.

My TV viewing schedule is much sadder. Most nights, once the little one is asleep, we watch reruns of The Daily Show and Colbert between 8-9, the west coast version of Countdown at 9, then the Mrs. lets me get my Janet Wood fix on at 10 pm on TV land.

The only weekly shows we watch are The Office, Grey's Anatomy (I check my balls at the door on Thursdays after The Office) and Curb.

Of course, there is plenty of baseball during the summer. No rasslin' though. I gave up the ghost after Kenny Wayne and Danny Davis split up, or shortly there after.

Steve said...

The last piece of drama for the Falcons is to have their old backup QB play them and beat them this weekend.

They traded him this summer to keep Vick