Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yeah, Here Comes The Rooster

Right about now, I'm glad that nobody actually reads this blog.

South Carolina - 16, Georgia - 12. The Gamecocks made all the big defensive stands when they needed them. They held Georgia to four field goals when cashing even one of those opportunities in for a touchdown would've meant a whole new ballgame. It reminded me of Georgia's own "bend-but-don't break" defense from 1997-98. They sure kept Matthew Stafford rattled...zinging rushed pass after rushed pass off the fingertips of leaping receivers. Georgia's biggest challenge now will be blocking out the inevitable gloom and doom that always settles in around here after an early loss. I mean, it's not like this particular bunch of Bulldogs was going to compete for a national title this season. They need to just keep their eyes on the attainable prize...the division race is far, far from over. Still, it's never any fun to lose to Spurrier...

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