Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are You There God? It's Me, Mike

In the midst of another drama-free September as far as the Braves are concerned, the tantalizing possibility of redemption for this baseball season looms: There is an ever increasing possibility that the Mets might gag up the division title after leading by seven games with only seventeen games remaining. Please, little baby Jesus, make this happen...and, if it's Your will (and think about it, it'd be awesome), I beseech thee to also make sure Tom Glavine gets shelled in the elimination-clinching loss.

O.J. Update: There's an old adage in politics that says: "You should never interfere when your opponent is doing his best to destroy himself." The Goldman family should heed those words.

Of course, there's another popular political adage that says: "What's bad for closeted homosexual Republicans is good for Minnesota tourism." Well, there you go.

Watch out, Obama! Alan Keyes is back! And you know he's always had your number. Seriously, aren't voters already unhappy enough with the GOP field without this C-list, two-time loser jumping in to save the day? Oh well...at least Keyes is mean and intolerant enough to possibly accuse Mitt of being hellbound or to call out Rudy on his infidelity at an upcoming debate. So there's that to look forward to...

Truthfully, all the Keyes "buzz" is moot because everybody knows it's all going to come down to either Cap Fendig or Ray McKinney anyway. Who knew that the Georgia Coastal Empire was such a hotbed of presidential candidates?

You know what's the most pathetic aspect of the Falcons bringing back Morten Andersen yet again? The fact that he instantly becomes their most marketable personality. What? Does DeAngelo Hall move season tickets? Would you so much as cross the street to watch Joey Harrington play for free? Maybe they'll designate Morten as their franchise player.

Finally...If there's one charge that Britney's custody battle judge would almost certainly let her skate on, it's hiring a hit man and having K-Fed whacked.


Anonymous said...

With Keyes in, Tancredo will soon announce he is dropping out. The crazy ass vote is locked up.

Herb Urban said...

I agree. Keyes might make some of those debates watchable. Eternal damnation seems to be lacking in that field.