Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Be True To Your School

My lifelong friend and fellow too-cool-for-schooler The Christian Agnostic is probably going to light me up as a flip-flopper for this...but, looking back some twenty-plus years, my time at good old Buford High School is pretty special to me. I was lucky enough to be part of a generation of Buford kids who attended classes with the same bunch of classmates for twelve years. And this was back in the seventies...back when Buford was just some place you passed through on the way to Lake Lanier or Atlanta. There were only about sixty kids in our 1979 graduating class. A tight-knit bunch. Surprisingly clique-free, by high school standards. I've had the pleasure of attending five, ten, and twenty-five year reunions with those guys and I've come to cherish them not just as the kids I went to school with, but as the kids I grew up with.

Anyway, what's triggered this sudden wave of nostalgia and navel-gazing is the fact that Buford's number-one-ranked football team made the trip up to Canton, Ohio to play in one of those big "preseason classics" and outdrew their opponent...who hailed from only three hours down the road. Oh, by the way, they also won the game in a blowout, 34-7. Go Big Green!

It wasn't Sunday afternoon at a major...but Lefty finally stared down Tiger and snatched one from him. I assume this must've had some impact on the FedEx Cup standings. I don't know because I haven't felt any great need to verse myself on how the whole FedEx Cup thing is supposed to work...and I'm a golf nut. But I guess it must be working on some level simply by virtue of the fact that Phil was out there playing after the majors have been wrapped up. It's a no-win, really. Give Tiger the Cup and everybody yawns...give it to, say, Aaron Baddeley and everybody laughs. If you want to pump up star power and interest in the post-major tournaments, simply up the number of tournaments the guys have to compete in for Player Of The Year eligibility. I promise you that would get Tiger's attention more effectively than yet another oversized check.

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