Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nothing But Politics Today

"Scheduling conflicts," my ass. You think for five seconds these guys wouldn't drop everything on their schedule if the NRA wanted them to speak tomorrow? And they can "re-schedule" under pressure/shame if they like...but the damage is already done. They look like they have to be dragged kicking and screaming against their will to talk to black folks. You won't hear me agreeing with Newt Gingrich very often but he flat-out nailed this one. It is baloney...smothered with BS.

Wrong Said Fred: Am I going to have to eat my words about Fred? It was pre-HYH, but I was going around telling everyone that if Fred got into the race, he'd be formidable. Well, he's stumbled out of the gate at a speed of roughly one gaffe-per-minute. He's one more big brain poot away from Dan Quayle "What's this goober going to say next?" territory. Maybe I'll go to one of his town hall meetings here in Georgia and ask about drilling Lake Lanier for oil or mining gold out of Stone Mountain.

Or, maybe not...after all, I wouldn't want to get tasered. Now, I'm as down with civil liberties as the next guy but...guess what?, really....are you sitting down? turns out that Andrew Meyer is an "online prankster" who was there with every intention of showing his ass. I think the saturation video coverage documented by Grift (which, the hell?...was NFL Films shooting this?) more than adequately conveys this guy's asshattery and he seems not a bit worse for wear following his ordeal. I think he's lucky he didn't "accidentally" get tasered right in the jimmy.

Senator Barbara Boxer was on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" this week, wearing someone else's pants and throwing up her hands at the government's inability to keep the dry cleaners from accidentally giving your stuff away. Lousy Democrats!

You think they gave Larry Craig a wide berth when he went to the Senate bathroom? Or was the entire GOP delegation in there together, toes tapping like the opening of "My Three Sons"? this is exactly the kind of thing that I was worried about when I posted this. The runaway news monster abhors a vacuum. They are only going to write that you are desperately behind for so long before they start writing you off. And with this culture's addled attention scan, conventional wisdom solidifies almost overnight. Obama's got to start getting some traction, soon...and I'm not sure this is the way to do it. Do "tax plans" inspire anything other than eyerolls anymore?

Finally...since all politics is local...Re-elect Big Jim Mercer Mayor of Winterville!

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