Monday, September 17, 2007

Enjoy Some Scrapple

Just this, that, and the other today (I was up late, last night and working again early this morning on an outside I'm all written-out):

At Unforgiven last night, the big Cena/Orton WWE title match barely made it into the ring before being called a DQ at the eight-minute mark. What a rip-off...glad I didn't shell out forty bucks.

Terrible, snooze-inducing Chase opener yesterday in Nextel Cup. Good on Clint Bowyer, though. He's had this coming for a long time.

I haven't seen officials conspire to give a football game away like the zebras did at Arkanasas/Alabama in a long time. Just an absolutely brutal pass-interference call in the end zone and then the most casual, standing-around-twiddling-thumbs clock restart following a first down ever. EVER. They looked like they were asking the 'Bama players, "You rested now? You okay? Need a little more time? We can give you a little more time. No problem. You need it?" Poor Houston Nutt looked like he was about to vapor-lock on the Razorback sideline. Horrible.

I'm sorry...but I've always thought this woman was a lot more "old pal" to Brian Nichols than "hostage." To the extent that she's got her crap together and improved her lot in life...well, okay...congratulations, I guess. But she still irks.

Finally...In an Appalachian State-like upset, "30 Rock" took home the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy last night over "The Office." I implore you...if you're not watching "30 Rock," give it a shot in a couple of weeks. Jerry Seinfeld is guesting on the season premiere. Go rent the DVDs from this last season. You'll laugh a lot. Promise.


18 wheels of love said...

I was kinda glad to see Boyer win the Nextel race. Even though, I don't really follow NASCAR, he still gets big ups for the best finish ever at the Daytona 500. If that wasn't the most indirect PSA ever made for MADD, I don't know what is.

Also thought you'd get a kick outta this...

Mike-El said...

You know...I got the Twitter widget out of pure peer pressure. Now I'm hooked.

I'm all a-Twitter!