Saturday, September 1, 2007

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

Georgia - 35, Oklahoma State - 14. It's always great to win on opening day. Even better is doing so in a fashion that makes fans around the nation think you might be a little bit better than advertised. I didn't make it out to G-Day or to any practices so I was not quite prepared for the team speed Georgia displayed tonight. This may be the fastest team Mark Richt has ever coached between the hedges...particularly on the defensive side of the ball. I thought there were several plays where the sheer quickness and athleticism of the defenders made up for some pretty pedestrian scheming. As for the offense...Matthew Stafford lived up to the old coaching adage that the peak of a collegiate player's improvement comes between their freshman and sophomore seasons. Great poise and decision-making. Thomas Brown looks like he's all the way back, 'Shon Moreno is a highlight waiting to happen, and Sean Bailey looks like a go-to possession receiver. Of course, being a fellow Bufordite, I loved the idea of getting Mikey Henderson a few extra touches on offense.

The Visor is in town next week...along with about 15,000 of his trashy, no-account friends. So we strut for just a couple of days and then get back to the grind. Around the rest of the conference, K-State rolled over and gagged one up for Auburn while Tennessee gave up 40-plus points and got the "Fire Phil" movement energized early. Up in South Bend, Tech got revenge for the Rudy game and Michigan found a way to lose at home to Appalachian State. Week Two, you've got a lot to live up to.

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Steve said...

I enjoyed watching that one. I thought the O-line, which supposedly was going to be suspect, did a good job opening holes and getting the backs through. The rest of the year will be tougher (being in the SEC) but things sure have started off well.