Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Live For This

some gloating around the time of Tom Glavine's 300th win:

"It is quite a ripple. Remove Glavine's 13 wins and 23 quality
starts (tied for third in the NL with Atlanta's Tim Hudson, one
behind Atlanta's John Smoltz) and move them to the Braves,
and Atlanta probably wins the division.

In that scenario, the Mets' 2006 NL East title takes on the tinge of fluke."

Hey? Joel? Any other scenarios where we get that tinge? If the Mets pull off the most epic collapse in MLB history, maybe?

Official "Tinge of Fluke" Watch: 1.5 games.
[Pic credit to AP]

1 comment:

Herb Urban said...

Is there any chance the Phils can over take the Muts AND Charlie Maniel gets shitcaned next year?