Saturday, September 29, 2007

Life Is Good

Say what you will about the 1964 Phillies...but at least they gagged it up on the road, against winning teams. The Mets have dug their own mass grave at home, where they've lost eight straight to the league's bottom-feeders. They've lost to journeyman starters like Joel Pineiro and to perennial punching bags such as last night's winning pitcher for the Marlins, Byung-Hyun Kim. They've blown leads almost every night. Big leads...four/five-run leads. They've made an astonishing number of errors, both physical (hey, it happens) and mental (inexcusable at this time of year). Shortstop Jose Reyes, known for his smiling and showboating when the Mets are winning, is sulking and half-assing it. Their manager, Willie Randolph, has mismanaged an already inept bullpen and benched a promising, multi-tool rookie who might've provided a spark, Lastings Milledge, in favor of washed-up veterans like Shawn Green and Jeff Conine. The fans have turned Shea Stadium into Boobird Central. Basically, it's been just about the greatest week of non-Braves baseball I've ever had the privilege of watching. [Pic courtesy of the New York Daily News]

Edited To Add: Sorry about that, Rockies. Inside straights, man.

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Herb Urban said...

Didn't you know Shawn Green and Jeff Conine are oozing with PVL (proven veteran leadership)? You need those PVL guys in the lineup because they know how to win. They are clutch.

Just imagine where LA would be if they let unproven kids like James Looney and Matt Kemp play everyday?