Friday, September 28, 2007

Urine, Sports, Rock And Roll

I'm sure that UGA President Michael Adams is getting roasted on all the Bulldog message boards today for his completely out-of-line, unreasonable suggestion that mature adults ought to be able to go four hours on gameday without showing their asses. Look, you may think that Adams is a strutting, preening, egomaniacal, card-carrying, full-tilt prick on shiny, mag wheels...but when he's right, he's right. That letter to the ABH a couple of weeks ago about football fans breaking into the arts building (and, yes, that's what it's called when you force open a locked door: breaking and entering) and proceeding to urinate into any hollowed-out space they could find was just disgusting. And that list of everything that's bugging me lately about football continues to grow...

I'm still enjoying this Mets meltdown every bit as much as...oh, maybe...five of the taken-for-granted division titles the Braves had in the middle of their run. If you're in the mood for some entertaining reading, head over to Baseball Think Factory and click on some of the game chats for the last few Mets losses. Of course, there have been some happy Braves fans over there living it up...not me, I swear!...and some poor-mouthing Mets fans lamenting, "No baseball fan should so much as even wish this kind of agony on a fellow fan." Boo-hoo. At least nobody's breaking into your house and peeing into your Gary Carter bobblehead.

It took maybe two, three classes...tops...for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to become a Hall of Big-Selling Critics' Darlings. If you're really going to base induction on creativity, longevity, and influence, I only induct three out of this year's nominees: Madonna, Donna Summer, and Chic. Maybe the Beasties. Don't get me wrong, I love Leonard Cohen. Love him. But the only way he gets into something called The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is with a ticket. I have every John Mellencamp CD and I've seen the guy live many times. He put out the hands-down best album of the freaking year ("Scarecrow") the same year that "Purple Rain" and "Born in the U.S.A." came out. But he had only a three-or-four good-album run and then dropped off the charts. Those two guys will still most likely get in, though. My picks for the five top vote-getters: Madonna, Summer, Chic, Mellencamp, and Cohen. Beasties could sneak in there.

Finally...Back later with a Quick Prediction for the Georgia game. Until then...keep it in your pants, people.


18 wheels of love said...

As far as the rock goes, dude, Kiss still deserves their own wing in Cleveland. I know they are completely shameless. I could write for days of why this shouldn't even be an issue, especially in today's whorey musical climate (Of Montreal in a fuckin' Outback ad? Glad they got paid, but Jesus.) Beasties, I dig, regardless. But I did think doing an instrumental record was fucking stoopid. Chic? Niles will get in on his own eventually anyway.

I'll try to refrain from throwing poo at my friends when I come down for Homecoming and the Auburn game.

Nice pic, much better.

Herb Urban said...

The Mutts need to bring in Kevin Mitchell to sacrifice a cat in order to remove the curse of being The New York Mutts.

Go Phils! I haven't been on that bandwagon since Von Hayes loafed the LF grass.

Mike-El said...

Hamels had no-hitter stuff tonight. Every hit he gave up was a doink job or a bleeder. They'll need to score a lot of runs behind Eaton and Moyer. The big question is: Who would pitch for NY on Monday if there's a playoff?

Herb Urban said...

All praise Toe Camels! Is Dick Ruthven available on short notice?