Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor's Love Lost

When I think of every way the modern GOP has hoodwinked so many good people in this country...of every way they've conspired to mollycoddle CEOs and corporate interests at the expense of hard-working men and women...maybe the one thing that chaps me the most is how they actually convinced folks that workers banding together to protect their collective interests is some kind of bad thing. I'm hoping that when we finally have a Democrat back in the White House, he or she will bring back the tradition of a national address on Labor Day paying tribute to the great American workforce. Meanwhile...enjoy your forty-hour work week, your right to be safe at work, your right to bargain collectively, your minimum wage...all paid for with the sweat and blood of organized labor. Just a little something to think on while you're slamming that last Labor Day cookout burger. Me? I was heart-healthy and had a gigantic grilled chicken breast.

Speaking of labor, John Edwards is coming on strong in terms of union support. The man does a fine Eugene Debs impersonation...but it remains to be seen whether or not fire-breathing populism can convincingly play in today's highly cynical political atmosphere.

It should be a very interesting Monday Night RAW tonight. RAW's General Manager (William Regal) and the number-one contender for the world title (Randy Orton) both got suspended last week for being on the juice. The no-brainer move would be to simply shuffle the newly returned Triple H into Orton's number-one contender's hoping they come up with something a little more creative. [Edited later to add: The Torch is now reporting that the list of suspended wrestlers is not accurate and, sure enough, RAW has just started with an announcement that Randy Orton is in fact on the show tonight. So...who knows?]

I hate the Mets with every fiber of my being. But, you know what? Good on Pedro.

Michael Andretti? STFU. Seriously. This just isn't even funny anymore. This guy has got the racing equivalent of The Four Horsemen out championship leader and three other drivers running interference...and he still thinks every IRL team in the paddock is out to get him and that he's a helpless victim. Shut up. Shut up...shut up...shut up...shut UP. Dario, get out of there while you can. While your reputation is still intact.

I'm bagging it a little early today to enjoy what's left of the holiday with the family. Y'all be good.

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