Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who's The Most Hated Gagne Ever?

I think Greg may have finally lost that coveted title.

I'm really torn over this one. First and foremost, I don't want the Yankees any closer to the Braves' record for consecutive division titles than they are now (petty, I know...but, with only one World Series win out of the whole deal, one takes what one can get). But on the other hand, anything that makes the "Red Sox Nation" clutch its collective pearls is all right with me. Sure, I rooted for the Sox in 2004...who didn't? But, like any decent citizen, there's only so much Curt Effing Schilling I can take.

So you can imagine my horror when this topic was brought up over at Rowland's Office. At the time, as I said in the comments section, I can't even put into words how much I loathe the idea of Curt Schilling as a Brave. Thirty-plus years as a fan and I can't think of another scenario in which I would find it more difficult to root for my favorite team. I'd rather have a bullpen of Bob Wickman, Dan Kolb, Chris Reitsma, Jim Clancy, and Jeff Reardon.

Finally...The PGA's going to start testing for steroids:

That means the party's OVER, Tim Herron!


Herb Urban said...

Eric "Fucking" Gagne is the Bucky Dent of 2007. I realize the Sox game up a few middling prospects for him to set up Pap, but he has performed as well as Enron stocks since coming over from Arlington. Tito's boy needs to go back to Okajima in the 8th if they have any chance of holding off the fuckin' Yanks.

I still hate "Rambo" Greg more. Even Erik Watts had more cred.

Schill on the Braves? Oh hell to the no! They won't spend the cash to bring back Tommy G or Mad Dog, but they'll shell of the bucks for Schill? Bitches please!

Mike-El said...

Eric Gagne is certainly a lot more willing to put an opponent over than Greg ever was.

The Sox are home for the duration after this weekend. I'm sure the Fenway faithful can't wait to greet him.