Monday, September 10, 2007

Playing Some Catch-Up Ball

It was dark here at HYH on Sunday as we finally set aside a day to transfer all of our old files over to the new computer. So, no Quick Predictions for the Italian Grand Prix (won by Fernando Alonso, cutting Lewis Hamilton's championship lead to three points) or the IndyCar finale. The IRL race was sensational, coming down to the final corner of the last lap with the two top championship contenders wheel-to-wheel. Dario Franchitti took the race and the championship as Scott Dixon ran out of fuel with the finish line in sight. Just great stuff. Of course, it was straight into buzzkill territory following the race as Dario gave a classic non-denial denial about his potential jump to NASCAR next season. During the pre-race show, Sam Hornish Jr. was equally obvious in his coy response regarding his interest in jumping ship. Bottom line: The last two IRL champs/Indy 500 winners? They're gone. Dario will be teammates with Juan Pablo Montoya for Chip Ganassi next season while Roger Penske will be hooking Sam up with a Cup ride. Great for NASCAR, which gets to force out two of their way-too-many anonymous backmarkers while adding guys with some built-in fan interest and, in Dario's case anyway, significant international appeal. Bad for American open-wheel racing, though. Very, very bad.

Yes, I saw it. The jittery, flashing images of the evil figure...the one who wrought unthinkable mayhem upon these very shores only a few short years ago. As I listened to the now incoherent ramblings of this once highly-sought "evildoer" I observed the clumsy flailings and the rather pathetic attempt at reclaiming long-lost notoriety and relevance....all I could think was: Welcome Back, Britney!

As for the other blast-from-the-past who put out a video last week, the White House has officially labeled him as "impotent." Suck on that, all you America-haters and traitors who mocked Bush for not making bin Laden's capture a high priority. Our six-year plan of allowing him to gradually fade into obscurity is working!

So...basically...I have a better shot running for President as a Muslim than I do as an atheist. We get the politicians we deserve, people. We really do. And, given all the excellent reasons for keeping a ditzy empty suit like Mitt Romney out of the White House, his goofy religion shouldn't even enter into the equation. Still, if he wants some religious/political cover, maybe Mitt should consider converting to a slightly more plausible religion (cough!peopleturningintopillarsofsalt!cough!) or one not quite so divisive (cough!cough!thecrusades!).

Yeah, "fiasco" works for me.

Speaking of unpopular opinions...and weren't we?...mark me down as one of the few women's college basketball fans who think that ending the regular season series between Connecticut and Tennessee isn't such a bad thing. I just got tired of ESPN attempting to convince the world that those two programs are the only ones in the nation that matter. Ugh. Isn't one overblown, tiresome Yankees/Red Sox rivalry enough for that network?

Finally, because it's going to be a rough week for Mike Bobo...

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Steve said...

Isn't it interesting how Bin-Laden's name gets dropped when he is needed but when he appears at an inconvenient moment, he is "impotent?"