Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Hair And Other Sexy Things

Let's get this over with first:

Here's the traditional "before-and-after" bit.

Just to clarify...As much as I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tom Glavine get his brains beat out last night and being booed off the mound at Shea Stadium, I'd still give anything if something could be worked out for Glav to come back and finish his career as a Brave. I got seriously burned on this situation over the winter...when everything pointed to Tommy's return for this season. But I know this game is all about business and if The Suspendered One said he couldn't crunch the numbers to make it work, I believe him. Maybe Liberty Media, the new owners, will loosen up the purse strings a little and bring Tommy home. He's family.

Of course, until then...or at least as long as he's a Met...eff him.

How can a story this awesome not be true? Total buzzkill.

Ric Flair was at the Nextel Cup race at Dover over the weekend and he was in full denial mode about reports that he had walked out on WWE because he wasn't happy with his proposed retirement storyline. Of course, like with any wrestler...but especially with never know how much the guy is working the reporter to, in fact, advance said storyline. But the best thing in the interview was Ric's shout-out to Ric Flair Finance, his newest outside-the-ropes venture. I can't wait to tell Lauren when she gets home that we're buying a new house just so we can borrow the money from Ric Flair. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

"Sprint Cup." I like that name even less than "Nextel Cup." Oh, well, at least it does sound like it could be vaguely racing-related. Just go ahead and rename the damn thing The Richard Petty Cup and let sponsors wrangle over the "presented by" credit every year.

Finally...The Democrats go at it for two hours on MSNBC from New Hampshire. Me? I'll be watching baseball. But I'm TiVo-ing it and I'll have witty musings sometime tomorrow.


18 wheels of love said...

Wow, I had no idea that you were replacing the lead singer in Jimmy Eat World.

Mike-El said...

Did he tell you that in the sack last night?

Herb Urban said...

Looks good. How did the job interview go?

Mike-El said...

Nice try. It was a court date.

You don't wear a tie when you blog? It's Horseman-style.

Herb Urban said...

I often don't wear pants when I blog.. and that is while I'm at work. Now that is true Nature Boy style. I'm pretty sure I had Elizabeth first. What was her last name?