Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Owe You One, Big Guy

Remember this little blast of bad sportsmanship?

There is an ever increasing possibility that the Mets might gag up the division title after leading by seven games with only seventeen games remaining. Please, little baby Jesus, make this happen...and, if it's Your will (and think about it, it'd be awesome), I beseech thee to also make sure Tom Glavine gets shelled in the elimination-clinching loss.

Well, the Mets were indeed eliminated from postseason contention today. Tom Glavine was, in fact, on the mound. And here's his line: one-third of an inning, five hits, seven runs (all earned), two walks, he hit the opposing pitcher with the bases loaded and, just for good measure, he also committed a throwing error that allowed a run to score.

I just got an e-mail from my good friend Herb Urban expressing his sympathy for Tommy. And I've been asked by folks why I root so hard for him to get pounded in the postseason and in big games. It all goes back the day Glav first signed with the Mets and their fathead owner Fred Wilpon crowing at the time that Tommy would win another ring with the Mets, retire a Met, and go into the Hall of Fame wearing a Mets cap. From that day on, I vowed to root for Tommy to get creamed in every game that mattered for New York. Basically, I wanted Tom Glavine to be known forever as a Brave. I didn't want him to have a Mets legacy.

Guess what? Tom Glavine now has a Mets legacy.

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Herb Urban said...

I understand your reasoning and share your desire for Tommy to be immortalized in Cooperstown as a Brave. To wear a Mets hat in the Hall would be the equivalent of Murph being remembered as a Phillie when his richly deserving day finally comes.

I join you in dancing on the graves of the New York Mets. As a one time Phillie fan, who will shamelessly hop back on the bandwagon for as long as Howard, Utley, J-Roll and Toe Camels can take them, this is a glorious day. I only wish I could have heard the call of the final out from Harry Kalas. I am off in search of that moment on youtube.

But there can not be the sweet without the bitter. Watching the final Braves game on TBS choked me up. My family first got cable when I was 16. It was just before Glavine, Smoltz, Avery, Gant, Bluaser, Justice, Lemke et al made their way up to the big club. I have been a Braves fan ever since that 1988 season. Damn shame Ted Turner had to make a deal with the devil -- Time/Warner, bit Vince McMahon. Both the Braves and CNN could use crazy Ted's passion about now.

How bout them Rox? If they can deny Jake Peavy his 20th, there are in. What a weak NL field this year. Maybe the Cubs can take it. Got to love October, no matter hoe many times I want to give that putz Dane Cook a good cock punching.