Thursday, August 9, 2007

Braves: Like A Great Man Once Said

No, this is not Bob Wickman's high school prom pic.

Still, it sure would've been nice to sweep those
effing Mets. But we had to get this rubber game
going into Phillie behind James, Cormier, and
Carlyle. Need big bats this weekend, fellas.
BONUS: Only one game back for the wild card!


Steve said...

I think everyone I knew back in 1977 had an older brother or sister who had that meat loaf LP somewhere. My sister had an 8 track of it. I even bought a copy of it myself when i got to 8th grade. Though its true that i think Meat Loaf's stuff got worse (like an actual left over meat loaf).

That first thing he did was sure nice: just the right combination of Todd Rundgren and the E Street band will do that.

Also, "For Crying Out Loud" may be the greatest arena rock ballad ever written.

Have a great weekend.

Mike-El said...

I love that album. It's so garish, operatic, and totally over-the-top...but it works. Meat has a bit at the beginning of the recent Tenacious D movie where he gets to reprise some similiar material in that same "Bat"-sounding genre and it's a blast.

Todd and the E Street Band...dude, you are talking my language. I've been down with Todd forever and my Bruce love is legendary.

Steve said...

I graduated high school in 1984, and one of the last full days of school- it may have been the last- I had "Sons of 1984" playing from the "Todd" Lp on the headphones.

Those were the days.