Thursday, August 30, 2007

On Second Thought: Preach It, Elizabeth!

How about that? Elizabeth Edwards has finally spoken out about something that I can enthusiastically, 100% co-sign. Lauren and I have had countless clenched-teeth gripe sessions about how the national Democrats do, indeed, write off The South (and, hell yeah, we capitalize both words) during the general election. Barack Obama also took a shot this issue last Spring when he spoke in Atlanta. Obama pledges to register voters and put Georgia in play. I'm on record as saying, and still believing, that Obama will in fact win the Georgia primary and that, if nominated, he will be competitive here. Hillary would have a much tougher go of it in terms of organized opposition. This state is ridiculously, almost criminally, gerrymandered in the Republicans' she's not going to find too many local candidates willing to share a stage with her. And for all the talk of whether or not the country is "ready" for an African-American president, I personally think that the deep-seated cultural, gender-based hegemony in place here in The South is a higher hurdle for Hillary than race is for Obama. But...I digress. Whoever the nominee turns out to be, the national party has got to reach out to this region...even if the Georgia Dems scurry. Appearances matter down here and it gets harder every election cycle to recruit foot-soldiers for the campaign when the appearance put forth by the national party is one of indifference and neglect. [Elizabeth pic courtesy of AP]

Here's an example of the kind of things that knowledgeable, articulate, and boyishly handsome experts were saying about the "drunken astronaut" story when it first broke: "...but the pre-flight medical testing for a shuttle mission is so extensive that the thought of guys launching into space sloshed out of their minds strains credulity." Guess what? Turns out we sexy space buffs weren't the only ones who thought so. Now we sit back and wait for the conclusion and findings of the official investigation to get as much saturation airplay in the media as the original allegations, right? Open your visor and pop a top on a cold one,'ll be awhile.

I hope Grift doesn't mind me nicking his words from the comments over at Peach Pundit because they pretty much sum up everything I've read so far about the whole Grady Hospital reorganization issue: "You know what irritates? The fact that no one in this state except the residents of Dekalb and Fulton have done anything for Grady since the first brick was laid. Yet, suddenly everyone has an opinion about how to fix it."

Brent Bozell will never, ever get it. And you know he's a free-market guy...but TV airs what people want to watch. There is no more bottom-line-driven business in this country than broadcast television. Rush Limbaugh had a TV show. Nobody watched it. If the President in The West Wing had been a conservative Republican and the show was all about trying to get Roe overturned and sucking up to the NRA, nobody would've watched it. It gets no simpler. Sometimes the dog just don't like the food, Brent. Gah!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting observations on the national scene. John Edwards seems to be doing better in recent days in Iowa according to some polls. I think the prejudices against Obama would come out strongly just before the general. I have seen it too many times. Hillary I think is just irrationally hated. Just talk to her foes around you. I have never seen one of them explain why. They cant.

At least we will be in play for having a hand in the nominating process. My "other home state" of North Carolina will not be a factor at all except in the money primary.

I am not optimistic about things right now. I say that as an American and not as a mostly Democratic voter.