Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Everybody Wants Some!! (Sorry, Atlanta)

Van Halen to Atlanta: "Drop Dead." Wow...TWO North Carolina dates for the reunion tour and nothing for Atlanta? And if you take a look at how tightly the tour is scheduled, I don't even see where you pencil Atlanta in later, if they so choose. Again...just, wow. I gotta say, the guys looked surprisingly hale and hearty at their official press conference. Dave, fresh off of being passed up as a potential host for The Price Is Right, is rocking the whole Screaming Skull look, topped off with a killer combover...Eddie's gone completely leathery and sun-dried but, given everything he's gone through the past few years, he still looks relatively combat-ready...Alex looks fine and all Wolfy needs, despite having his mama's prominent cheekbones, is Clooney's fake beard from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and the sacred Jack Daniels bottle bass and nobody will ever notice that he's not, in fact, Michael Anthony. Still...No Atlanta date?
[Van Halen pic courtesy of AP]

[Edited to add: Holy crap! I just checked ticket prices for the North Carolina shows...150 bucks and 80 bucks! I wouldn't pay that kind of money if they were playing five minutes away at the historic Winterville Railroad Depot. These guys are supposed to be a party band...not somebody you have to hock the El Camino to afford tickets for.]

Speaking of Winterville, we've got an official song now. Here's the video for it. Way too granola-ish and more than a touch on the twee side for my taste. I would've preferred something more along the lines of "Nut Bush City Limits."

Man...There's just not much shaking today, is there? I'll sign off early and check back in later if anything happens that's actually worthy wasting some of your time over. Maintain 'til then.

Oh, yeah...One last thing before I check out:

Happy birthday today to the pride of Buford, GA
(well, besides myself anyway), center/forward
Christi Thomas of the WNBA's LA Sparks. I'm
proud to say Christi's a former Lady Bulldog and
a longtime friend of our family. Happy b-day!
[Christi pic courtesy of WNBA.com]


18 wheels of love said...

Dude, fuck that Van Halen tour. Despite the ri-donkulous price, people are always forgetting that Mikey in the greatest living background vocalist ever (followed closely by Mike Mills.) I ain't payin' for the novelty of Wolfy. In protest to this move, I've decided to only play Van Hagar at work today. But I will say that you might wanna check out Nerf Herder's song Van Halen for a laugh.

Mike-El said...

You know what? That's a straight-up oversight on my part. Seriously...you are totally correct...Michael Anthony can sing his ass off and that was a HUGE component of the VH sound. Thing is, I only got to see them once with Dave and they were dead to me with Sammy. I was hoping for one last, immature blast. But I can be immature here in town for like ten straight nights for that kind of money.

I love that Nerf Herder song!