Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Vick Will Be Back

As the last human being left on the planet who has yet to weigh in on the whole Michael Vick thing, here's what I have to say: He'll be back. Maybe not with the Falcons. In fact, probably not with the Falcons. But he'll be back. Never forget that the NFL has always been every bit as much in the PR business as they are the football business. The league's desired ending for this sordid tale is most assuredly not "Michael Vick withers away in prison....Ends up dead in a ditch." The NFL wants Vick to do his time, come back and beg for forgiveness, and ultimately redeem himself on the gridiron. And they'll move heaven and earth to ensure that happens. He'll be humble and contrite in his court appearances. He'll be a model prisoner when he pulls his time. When he's a free man again, he'll turn up on 60 Minutes...maybe even Oprah. He'll find God. Every interview will mention what a changed man he he's wised up and is carrying himself with a newfound maturity. He'll be on the cover of Sports Illustrated with some caption like, "All I Want Is A Chance To Prove Myself." Finally, somebody's going to sign him. There'll be smiles all around. The first time he scurries out of the pocket and turns nothing into a first down, it'll be like he'd never been gone. He'll be back. Bank on it.
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Anyway...after that, go cleanse your sports palate.

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Anonymous said...

Mike, I don't know if you are right, but it sounds like a plausible scenario. The joker in the stacked deck is Roger Goddell. So far he has demonstrated that he doesnt want the NFL to go into the kind of decline that the NBA has gone through.

We'll see. I hope he disappears.

Mike-El said...

Yeah, I'll cop to that particular take coming from a very cynical place. I've been disillusioned with "The NFL, Inc." for a few years now. To the extent that Goddell can go about putting a human face back on the game, good on him.

TVJ said...

Come on. You know the Raiders will sign him. ;)

Mike-El said...

The exact team I had in mind. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, I didnt think of that. The Raiders. Perfect