Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing But Politics Today

Bless Elizabeth Edwards' heart and everything...but doesn't her husband's campaign have focus data showing how poorly her act is playing? Look around the political web and you'll see that Mrs. Edwards' attack-dog routine generates nothing but backlash. At one point in the linked article, she takes a dig a Hillary by lamenting not being able to take John "...and make him into a woman." Well, at least that's one problem Rudy Giuliani (pictured) won't have. [Rudy pic courtesy of]

And I know that comes off like a cheap shot at Rudy...when the truth is he's easily the least objectionable GOP candidate for my money. That picture in drag I posted and his frequent SNL appearances are a big part of the reason why I like him. He's one of the few Republicans out there who's not afraid to take the piss out of himself publicly. Maybe not a criteria that a lot of people ponder inside the voting booth...but I think it says a lot about a potential President.

Congratulations to Mitt Romney for drawing a huge crowd. To The Varsity. At lunchtime. Maybe he can draw his next "overflow" crowd by scheduling an appearance at the Five Points Marta Station on a day when the Braves and Falcons are playing at the same time. While we're here at The V though, how about a little demagoguery with your chili dog? Mittens on Hillary yesterday:

“She’s says we’ve been an on-your-own society. She wants a shared society,a we’re-all-in-this-together society. So it’s out with Adam Smith and up with Karl Marx,” the former Massachusetts governor said.

What a piece of effing work this guy is. Does he really think any talk of "we're-all-in-this-together"...of simply looking out for the other guy...really means "out with Adam Smith and up with Karl Marx"? Bite me, hard. Adam Smith's ghost ought to give you an invisible hand upside the head. You're not a bubba, tell those speechwriters that you hired to give you some red meat rhetoric to throw out to "the base" to dial it back a notch.

Just Facebook me, baby: This picture of our new congressman, Paul Broun, on the prowl at UGA cracks me up for some reason. I think it's because he looks like he just got a fake student ID with the name "McLegislatin" on it.

Finally, a touching scene from the White House lawn:

"Yeah, yeah...Don't let the propeller hit 'cha where the
Good Lord split 'cha, Turd Blossom."
[Bushes/Rove pic courtesy of Reuters]


Steve said...

EE really is coming off as some kind of Margaret Mitchell type of figure.

Yeah, Mitt's a real healer. Such an intolerant pig to be a member of the Mormon faith....kind of doesn't add up, does it?

See You

Mike-El said...

If I were to play shadetree psychiatrist, I would suggest that it's almost like Elizabeth is overcompensating in an attempt to appear vital and vibrant despite her health issues.

I dunno...Is that offensive to even suggest?

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff, Mike. And thanks for reading and linking to Rowland's Office. We've added a link to HYH.


Mike-El said...

Thanks so much, CD. Those "mholc68" posts over there are mine, too (my old TypeKey handle). I love the's the only Braves blog/site out there that caters to guys who know names like Frank Tepedino and Vic Correll.

Anonymous said...

When some guy -- was that you? -- started posting lyrics from the old "It's a brand new game, good to have you along" song, we knew we had found our audience. That was a happy day in the life of the Office.

Mike-El said...

Yup...'twas I. And again, my thanks.