Monday, August 6, 2007

A Day At The Races (And Other Hits!)

As of right now, I'm embarking on 24 hours without caffeine in preparation for my cardiac stress test tomorrow. Look for degradation of coherence in any potential blog follow-ups as the day wears on. Anything posted after 5:00 PM will probably only consist of primitive, guttural grunts.

When's the last time there was a decent race at Pocono? The super-long straightaways allow guys with a significant horsepower advantage to run away and hide while the much-hyped track width, for all of its "five-wide" potential, actually gives drivers plenty of room to avoid close-quarters racing. And, sure enough, another winner...Kurt Busch this time...absolutely stunk the joint up in dominating the field to the tune of 175 laps led out of 200.

I pegged the first two finishers correctly at the Hungarian Grand Prix and probably could've nailed the trifecta if Fernando Alonso would've had about five more laps to run down Nick Heidfeld. A flag-to-flag win in a season that is rapidly turning into a World Championship coronation for the rookie sensation Hamilton.

The IRL race was bowling-shoe ugly. A grinding wreck that takes out half the field, another excuse for Danica Patrick to whine, and all of it conducted in front of an incredibly sparse crowd after a four-hour rain delay. Ugh. Anyway, Tony Kanaan picked up the win...but the wreck is all anyone's talking about today. The good news? Once his car was turned upright, Dario Franchitti walked away unhurt. Here's the wreck if you haven't seen it.

If you found this blog following the link at Barrow BullCrap, welcome! The anti-Barrow blog was the subject of a Peach Pundit post yesterday and, after I poked fun at some the many misspellings I found there, I later found myself listed on their blogroll as a "friend." Fine. I'll take all the friends I can get. Seriously, if that's supposed to be somehow retaliatory for my spellcopping them and they want like-minded folks to come frag this blog, the funny thing about that is I happen to totally agree with the premise of their blog. I've been on record that "John Barrah" is a political opportunist who's not above changing his public persona in order to protect his political viability for months now (check the comments...I'm "mike").

755. 300. They are what they are. Time for the Braves to go do some damage in New York.

Oh, man...Here I am jumping on another bandwagon. How did RENO 911! make it almost five seasons before I finally discovered it? (I mean...besides the fact that once you get past Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, there are more laughs-per-minute to be found on C-SPAN than Comedy Central.) Anyway, I'm catching up via reruns and I have yet to see one episode that doesn't have at least a couple of gut-busting gags.

Yeah, but did he ever answer the question? This just in, Rory Sabbatini is still a punk.

Finally, my pal and neighbor...former UGA golf great Ryan turning pro! Watch out for him on the PGA Tour in the next couple of years. The long-haired guy carrying his bag, gasping for air and popping nitroglycerin pills? That'll be me.

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griftdrift said...

Pocono is awful. When the gear ratios were different and they actually had to shift, there was some good racing on the short chute between 2 and 3. Now its just raw horsepower all the war around. They either have to change something or drop it to only one race. Of course the latter will never happen do to the pull the Pocono owners have.

I used to enjoy Pocono because the Roval is just so odd. Not anymore. I might not even watch next year.