Monday, August 13, 2007

Mitt Wins! (And Other Meaningless Trivia)

Mitt Romney "won" the Iowa straw poll over the weekend, grabbing less than a third of the votes while running against the D-list dregs of an unpopular GOP field. I mean...come on...when your second-place finisher in a Republican poll is (gulp!) the former governor of Arkansas, you're looking at a weak field. Oh well, at least Mittens finally manned-up and apologized for equating the employment of his five sons (pictured L-R: Malachi, Josiah, Leviticus, Shemp, and Curly Joe) by his Presidential campaign with military service in Iraq.

Sorry, but I can't get too excited about Karl Rove resigning. First of all, it's years too late. That particular horse couldn't be further out of the barn. Secondly, it's purely a CYA move by the Bush administration. They don't want Rove hanging around GOP candidates' necks during the upcoming election season. Besides, the guy will go straight into influence peddling, collecting six-figure fees for speeches, and basically never doing an honest day's work for the rest of his life. Eff him.

That is one ugly-looking gouge on the belly of the space shuttle Endeavour. What's especially troubling is the fact that the damage is to the area where heat-protective tiles are joined together. Damage that has created an ominous hole that appears to be quite deep. NASA has a few days to troubleshoot this thing and test different landing scenarios but I'm betting we'll seen an emergency spacewalk to attempt a repair job. After Columbia, there's no way you try to land with that kind of damage if there's any way you can fix it in orbit.

Is there any other kind of county you would expect to host a GOP convention?

If yesterday's Nextel Cup race at Watkins Glen doesn't convince NASCAR that The Chase For The Championship ought to include a road race, then I don't know what will. Here's hoping that Juan Pablo Montoya knocks the Reese's peanut-butter filling right out of Happy Harvick next time he gets all up in his business. If nothing else, he should at least call him a "fokkin' eediot" a few times.

Finally, Mike Huckabee's surprisingly strong showing
in Iowa this past weekend means that Primus will have
to carry on without him for a little while longer.
[Huck-a-thump pic courtesy of AP]


Anonymous said...

Well, great minds do think alike. Believe it or not, while jogging around this morning, i thought about Mutt and my sister's old Osmonds collection. What a world. Mutt has to avoid hot wax, since it melts mannequins.

Rove smove. Again we are in agreement. What else is there to say besides dont let the door hit you in the ass.

I would give Stephens a look for a GOP convention. Mine wouldnt be too far behind....

Huckabee? Nothing like a Baptist preacher to turn the country around....and I was also thinking that huckabee could be the kind of guy to come galloping out of nowhere and be nominated. He's an "outsider" and a religious guy. He also matches up well with Hill'ry.

Anonymous said...

Homeschooling and Fairtax coalition helps Huckabee place second...

The fairtax thing could be hanged around his neck like an anchor in a general election, but i haven't seen a Democrat run a campaign properly since 1996, so i wouldnt count on it being used. As far as "homeschooling" goes, i can see where some of these folks are coming from, but many of the ones I have run into over the last 13 years are insane.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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