Friday, August 24, 2007

Of Course, This Is Also How We Got Stuck With Dane Cook

Online "friends" as a factor in the upcoming Presidential election? I don't know about that. How many of these kids are even of voting age? And Obama Girl may have a quibble about the quote stating that Obama won't lose any of his online support. Still, you have to hand it to the candidates who figured out what MySpace is all about. I added Dennis Kucinich as a MySpace friend several weeks ago and, like any good MySpacer, he immediately turned around and bombarded my inbox with, like, a half-dozen stupid bulletins in the space of one afternoon. I mean, they weren't all Top Friend Surveys and LOL Cats galleries (they were, in fact, admonitions to flood an online poll and hourly follow-up exhortations with titles like "ALMOST THERE!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!") but it was the kind of thing that I've de-friended other people Dennis got the hook. On the other hand, if it's going to bring attention to long-disenfranchised groups like Barack Has A Posse (pictured), who am I to complain?

Last week, Newsweek did a cover story on Facebook in which they pretty much trashed MySpace in comparison to its college-oriented competitor. Eff that. MySpace has an egalitarian, frontier spirit that I find quite refreshing compared to the relative clubbiness of Facebook. Sure, you spend any amount of time on MySpace and you're going to run into seizure-inducing layouts, typo-filled profiles, and incorrectly-formatted pictures...but the 'Net belongs to those people, too. So, friend me up at MySpace sometime. After all, how else are you going to get that Top Friends Survey revealing what I really think about you?

Looking back, how hard is it to believe that Bobby Cox got that one terrific year out of J.D. Drew? Answer: About as hard as it is for me to believe how upset I was about letting him leave as a free agent.

My big DVD score for the week was House M.D. - Season Three. This is hands-down my favorite show on TV right now. Even if the story isn't up to par any given week (which is a rarity), it's still worth watching just for Hugh Laurie. Check out this scene of him playing the piano with Dave Matthews. Great stuff...and a nice shout-out for old school Boomtown Rats fans.

Bon Jovi? Seriously? Bon freaking Jovi? If New Jersey goes with anything by Bon Jovi over worthier native sons like Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen, then just wall the whole state off and make it Escape From New Jersey. I mean...really.

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Anonymous said...

For the myspace thing, i thought about adding some of the contenders, but then realized that it would be pathetic to have only 3 or 4 real friends and then have 3 or 4 candidates as buddies.

If I hung out with any of them though, it would probably be old Skinny Dennis or Obama. Dennis would make me feel taller.

I think Bon Jovi's music sucks, but he was a good Kerry guy in '04. I cant hate em that much....