Wednesday, August 15, 2007

That's It...You're Outta Here!

Finally, a career record broken in Major League Baseball that we can all be proud of...our own Bobby Cox passing "Little Napoleon" himself, the legendary John McGraw, on the all-time list for most game ejections. And it was for a good cause, too. Ted Barrett was effing brutal behind the plate last night. You have to be brutal to get a guy as stoic as Chipper Jones all riled up. Bobby comes out, takes the heat, and keeps Chipper in the game. Chipper, of course, goes on to deliver the game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth. See you in Cooperstown, skipper...and Chipper, for that matter. Hell, the Hall of Fame is going to be chockablock with nineties-era Braves: Bobby, Chipper (yeah, I think he gets there), Smoltz, Andruw (especially if he ends up with 500-plus homers), Glavine, Maddux, and, of course, the immortal Brad Clontz. [Bobby pic courtesy of AP]

Maybe it's an omen that you picked the wrong guy: Apparently, Drew Carey got mangled his very first week on the job at The Price Is Right. I'm telling you, they screwed up by not picking Dave.

High Comedy Alert...Mitt Romney is eating lunch at The Varsity in Atlanta today. What makes it so funny is knowing that he surely put aside some time on his schedule in the past couple of days to practice ordering. It's probably spelled out phonetically on an index card: " nekkid big frosted ainge." I especially like the big, all-capped FREE in the announcement. So nice of them to not charge The Varsity.

Finally, just to make it up to The Osmonds:

"Crazy Horses." Rock out with your...whatever...out.


Anonymous said...

Andruw Jones in the Hall of Fame? Pffftt.

Chipper and Smoltz are iffy, too.

Is Dale Murphy in yet?

uh, Hi Mike, it's Turnip :)

Mike-El said...

500 homers and north-of-ten Gold Gloves gets Andruw in. Bank on it.

Chipper and Smoltz are works in progress...though Smoltz is approaching "lock" status, IMO.

And what say you about Clontz, good sir?

Good to see you, bro. You're missed.