Friday, August 3, 2007

Feeling The Love Today

I've actually heard from three people who made the list from a couple of days ago. To my great relief, they were all terrific sports about the whole thing and totally okay with it. Word is that it made a pretty good splash under the gold dome on Wednesday. Awesome. Who knows...there may be a sequel if enough new names are submitted over at Peach Pundit.

The post yesterday about Sean Hannity's Manly Man Brodeo Tour '07....errrr...Freedom Concerts...mentioned that a portion of the proceeds were going to charity. Well, as it turns out, not a very freaking big portion. Four bucks from a $78 ticket? To paraphrase your favorite President, Sean..."You can do better...(bites lip)...and you must do better."

JMac over at Safe As Houses and The Wife went and had their first baby yesterday. Little Emma Katherine McGinty...and she's got to be seen to be believed. Go now. It'll make your day.

This much I will tell you about Ron Paul: If his strength at the polls was half of that shown by his supporters in blitzing online polls and call-in shows, the guy would be President-For-Life.

Good news: Stevie Wonder's coming to Atlanta! Bad news: He'll be at Chastain Park. Wonderful. A sweltering, dog-days night rubbing elbows with a bunch of tight-ass white people (okay, I'm white too...but the Chastain crowd is, like, porcelain) who'll be more interested in their wine and cheese than the god of popular music competing for their attention. I've had some of the worst concert experiences of my life at Chastain.

Finally, the fact that it's a painting of John Glover as Lionel Luthor from "Smallville" should've been their first hint that it wasn't really a Van Gogh.

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Steve said...

Always good to know that a "journalist" goes around raising money for politicians and promoting himself. What a freakin' joke. This guy is a total balloon head.